Sunday, March 15, 2015

A New START & a New HOME for LL

There is nothing like a fresh start. One which inspires and makes you want to reach for so much more. Even reaching for the unknown and perhaps unreachable . . . but the overwhelming feeling where all the insecurities bypass and you're encouraged to reach for the stars.

So here's introducing a new home for the Lucky Locket . . . A new collaborative space and brand as the Lauren Hayley Group. Where all the creativity I have come to share (LHC Prodesigns, LHC Promakeup and The Lucky Locket) can marry and be found together . . . overdosing the reader with inspirational design and content.

The blog will therefore take on a more interesting road with a variety of posts ranging from design updates to the personal view points shared similar to those from the Lucky Locket.

Change is good. Fresh starts are fruitful. Evolution is awe-inspiring. Welcome to the overdosing world of Lauren Hayley. Thank you for joining!

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