Sunday, March 15, 2015

A New START & a New HOME for LL

There is nothing like a fresh start. One which inspires and makes you want to reach for so much more. Even reaching for the unknown and perhaps unreachable . . . but the overwhelming feeling where all the insecurities bypass and you're encouraged to reach for the stars.

So here's introducing a new home for the Lucky Locket . . . A new collaborative space and brand as the Lauren Hayley Group. Where all the creativity I have come to share (LHC Prodesigns, LHC Promakeup and The Lucky Locket) can marry and be found together . . . overdosing the reader with inspirational design and content.

The blog will therefore take on a more interesting road with a variety of posts ranging from design updates to the personal view points shared similar to those from the Lucky Locket.

Change is good. Fresh starts are fruitful. Evolution is awe-inspiring. Welcome to the overdosing world of Lauren Hayley. Thank you for joining!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


One evening I had to dig deep into the depth of my closet after being asked to provide a few alternatives for a photo shoot (um, yes!) we were putting together for work. Many of these gorgeous pieces I have accumulated from my travels and over the years however they never truly see the light of day (please don't judge me!) – out of pure self criticism or never quite the right occasion.

But as I started to pull these pieces, I had a moment – an enlightening one. The realization at what a completely different person I was when each of these pieces came into my life. How these items were not just a piece of clothing, but a personification as to the person I was at that time and this representation scared me a little. In the past, I felt I was nothing without those pieces. Perhaps it was the location I was in at the time . . . that what I wore presented a social status. But more than anything within in the ah-ha moment,  I loved the fact that I am no longer that person. Even with the memories and sentimental value they present, the clothes truly are no longer me.

I will continue to enjoy their beauty and creation (and I cannot bear to rid them due to their prettiness and all) but I refuse to allow them, or others, to make a judge of my character merely but what I am wearing.

Here's to becoming so much more.

Friday, February 13, 2015


I came across this inspiring quote and felt it spoke volumes. It instantly ignited something inside me and reminded me that my unique journey is my own adventure which I hope to continue more than ever with gust and sparkle and fire and above all, passion.

Here's to our own adventures and the magnificent sense of belonging.

Monday, February 9, 2015

As the Summer Cools

As I feel the winter air and light slowly creep in, I cannot help but think about these last few months of summer - especially those in this year of the new. It's treated my very well. I won't lie, there have certainly been moments of struggle but ones I feel have only enlightened and strengthened me.

I've taken many chances with beautiful outcomes and have so many more I wish to take on. I've continued to connect with sparkling souls and have opened myself up to others whom I never imagined I would. Aaah, the warmth and love you feel from this. Priceless.

However, I continue to take the "you only live once" philosophy by the horns as I am always reminded that life is indeed too short and unpredictable. I love the unpredictability of it, but one can never be quite sure of the duration. Take those chances and light bulb moments, sans the literal light bulb, as a sign that the winter and summer winds are ready to take it and make it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The POWER with no Power

I’ve become accustomed to a many moments, regularities and normality’s in my settlement back in Africa. Some are more challenging than others whilst some I simply brush off and continue on my quest here.  I say quest as isn’t that what we are all on!

At first, it baffled my mind that as a nation, there was no bigger protest against what is called here Load Shedding – in simple terms a means of controlled black-outs to accommodate the poor or lack of energy resources for the fast and ever expanding South African nation. But with each week and the set schedules, sometimes not so set, I realised that though communities complained and sighed  - some more pronounced than others – that people still went on with their days. And in turn I had to find a way to make the most of it. To capture some old traditions which did not involve the  surrounding surplus of modern technology. 

Picking up a book, taking a walk or a run, sitting under a tree with a friend talking nonsense, drawing, writing, taking photos, taking a drive to the unknown . . . . it’s almost like an initiative to capture moments and make them powerful when normality as we know it ceases for just a few hours. 

It’s actually quite nice if you ask me.

Monday, January 19, 2015

SYMBOLIC Footprints

My Saturday morning runs have become a soothing ritual to end long weeks and begin a weekend on the right foot, those puns! This past Saturday I got up earlier than usual in anticipation for a busy day and made my way to the misty beach front with the few early whisperers whom were already beginning their own rituals.

And as I reached my half way point and turned to see the awakening mountain through the clouds, I realised the beach below my trainers was untouched. My shoe prints being the only evidence to human presence. It was almost symbolic to the fresh start which is presented to us each day and the one we have all made in this new year. I’ve made many promises to myself for the year. My untouched beach waiting for new prints to make their mark and create a new story with a diversity of beauty.

And as the ocean tides will come in and wash away my mark on the beach, so does the reminder that we have to let go of all that keeps us from living now . . .

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Copious Amounts of Deliciousness.

It was a moment, late one afternoon, when I realised how incredibly important my vacation had become. The fear of not being in the studio I had, dissipated almost instantly and I felt myself beaming with a realisation and letting out an enormous sigh of relief. Those sighs where your entire load of burdens seems to escape with your breath.

Though the days of late mornings sleeping in and lying with warm coffee and embracing the early stillness, or long tables filled with home cooked meals and bottles of wine, or summer days enthralled by the surrounding beauty, or road trips to the unknown went by sooner than I expected; I start my return to work beaming and ready.

My days off allowed me to refresh my soul, my mind, and provided clarity in many areas of my life. I was uplifted and reconnected with so many beautiful souls and connected with new ones. Days cooking, and eating and drinking copious amounts of deliciousness. Sharing moments and belly hurting laughs and creating snippets in time which remain more than special which I am so grateful for.
So as we all move into 2015 with a presented fresh platter, let’s ensure that we never forget the good and bad times of 2014 and that these in turn allow us to grow to magnificent heights.