Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Fine Line of Boasting

I enjoy sharing my triumphs, stories and opinions. I love that I have a story with many chapters, plots and sub plots. But I sometimes stop myself in my story telling tracks and wonder if it’s all coming across as one big gloat.

Is it really? Or is it that people are not comfortable with success stories and wonderful memories? It’s become somewhat challenging to find that fine line. Having to assess the situation and question how the receiver may perceive what I’m about to share. 

However, there’s another side to me which says “hell no,” I have worked dam hard to succeed, achieve and make my own story so why should I shy away from it? 

Why should anyone have to edit their storyline due to others insecurities or different story? Are people afraid to hear of others achievements and in turn out them on the boasting box?

Just a thought.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I miss waking up next to him

I miss seeing his smile when he opens his eyes

I miss sipping on my morning coffee in bed while he watches the news

I miss seeing him walk into the gym with butterflies in my stomach

I miss our weekends at the farm

I miss our fun trips to the store

I miss how he makes me laugh

I miss how he makes fun of my quirks

I miss how my heart still skips a beat when I see him

I miss our sushi nights

I miss him

I miss us

I miss everything

And I’ll continue to more and more each day till the 8005 miles between us is no longer.

Monday, February 17, 2014


It’s no secret, as I have expressed in numerous posts, that I adore getting older and all it brings with it. How when I look at younger folk (ok, that just aged me right there!) I simply smile at how we evolve so much in the years and how our priorities change and how I love that I know what I know now! But I had my own “growing up” moment over the weekend when part of my belly ring fell out (disaster, I know!)  and I was faced with the daunting “is it time to take it out” question. It’s been a fellow companion since 2005 and though has not seen the light of day often, become somewhat a part of my body. But it also symbolizes a thought out challenge (which I won!), a past, and security. A piece of a puzzle that now, has no significance even though I learned so much from it.

So, after confirmation from Adam that “it’s time,” I took it out and with no hesitation put the ring in my jewelry box, closing the lid and walking away. And it actually felt wonderful, and all so very grown up.

We change and become new people multiple times in our lives, that’s what makes us all so interesting. We are constant and should continue to take on the moments of evolving with a smile and appreciation.

Here's to growing up, just a little.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

GUTTED . . . Pt.2

After getting over the festive season eating & drinking spree, I was hitting the gym with full force and felt on top of the world. But I’m either a hypochondriac, or old, or just worn down because that full sense of feeling “gutted” (This post, remember!) has returned with a vengeance. Weather it’s my recent back mishap (literally not being able to roll out of bed, yep, that kind of mishap) or blocked ear or lack of sleep; blah blah blah; I’m disappointed at my lack of commitment  & non-ability to be at the gym or having that purpose for being healthly. Wondering where that constant burst of energy, drive and enthusiasm went in 5 days. How a back and ear can switch everything 360’.

But then I realize I’m the only person to change this. The only person who can whip myself back on track and see that I cannot loose the focus and the “eye on the prize.” That I have not come this far for nothing and there is no way I will loose it all. Perhaps just a little step back, but so many steps forward.

Whilst I gravitate toward silly, lighthearted, shopaholic-esq (this does has relevance to the above I promise), Adam – with all his wisdom – plunges his thoughts into self improvement and knowledge saturated reference books; and his most current ironically is of self positive talk. How we should and can compact our thoughts on positive ego driven routes. Maybe a little egotistical but it makes sense. We think greatness (and we are all great and beautiful in our own way) to achieve greatness. As we are the only ones to prove how boundless we are in our own right. I’m not saying I’m going to get on my soap box and tell the world that I’m better than them. However, I’m going self improve myself internally and make it a reality. Almost to out prove the little negative talk inside.

So, take you inner positivity and let in shine. Shine in the best way you know how.

Friday, February 7, 2014

FAB FEB - MUSIC for your Friday

Adding some new music to the LL mixes on 8tracks for your listening pleasure. Here's 16 of my Fab Feb favourite tunes  . . . . play, repeat & enjoy!

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Making: time to rejuvenate my body and mind with a few extra hours of sleep every night – where possible!
Cooking: (and living) Vegan with generous dashes of Balsamic Reduction and Truffle Oil – mmmmm!
Drinking: h20, too much coffee and Rose Lemonade as a treat! It’s my new indulgence 
Reading: for the first time in years. Sophie Kinsella never disappoints.
Wanting: more than anything to have my man by my side and feel his warmth and love.
Looking: for comfort in distance and being different
Playing: catch up with my family after being away for so long.
Wasting: no time at all – every moment counts!
Sewing: Um, negative.
Wishing: for world peace . . . in the most un-miss-universe-pageant way!
Enjoying: the cool evenings and the sun setting over Table Mountain.
Waiting: impatiently for that day, that moment, that second I see Adam standing waiting for me
Liking: positivity
Loving: time, it’s priceless.
Hoping: for continuous success
Marveling: at the incredible culture and breathtaking scenery South Africa has to offer.
Needing: A day on the slopes with nothing but me and my board.
Smelling: the heat of summer . . . much to my dismay
Wearing: my black skinnies till they give up on me
Following: Hmmmm – blogs that only make me smile and are far removed from media frenzy rumors
Noticing: how lucky I am everyday
Knowing: love and that distance does make the heart grow fonder
Thinking: of how I can change the world 
Feeling: exhausted but determined
Bookmarking: new beautiful inspirational blogs
Opening: too many protein bars!
Giggling: at myself, I’m quite silly

Monday, February 3, 2014

SOLACE in a mature life

There’s a constant buzz of activities during the summer in Cape Town, especially for the mini socialites. Events which bring them all together to compete, showcase, and spend obnoxious amounts of money.
And while driving home from work on Friday, with the sun setting in the horizon sending orange beams on the vineyard’s and the grazing cattle in the hills, I realized that whilst so many were preparing for one the biggest events of the year, I was more than content to be  spending the evening ensuring I was prepared for my 3 hour spin-athon the following morning. I chuckled at the thought that years ago I would’ve been planning my outfit for months, pulling together the must be seen with crowd and ensuring everyone knew I would be attending. Not shallow or anything, never!

How life has changed so. We grow and with it we find solace in the fact that we have evolved, found value in meaningful components and moments. That a life living up to others expectations seems so far removed and now, could not be bothered with. But then I see many my age still enthralled by it all. Living the plastic dream for others to take advantage of. I proud myself in changing my ways and living far from that once world I played in.   

Or perhaps I truly am just getting old. 

Nah, just wiser.