Monday, February 17, 2014


It’s no secret, as I have expressed in numerous posts, that I adore getting older and all it brings with it. How when I look at younger folk (ok, that just aged me right there!) I simply smile at how we evolve so much in the years and how our priorities change and how I love that I know what I know now! But I had my own “growing up” moment over the weekend when part of my belly ring fell out (disaster, I know!)  and I was faced with the daunting “is it time to take it out” question. It’s been a fellow companion since 2005 and though has not seen the light of day often, become somewhat a part of my body. But it also symbolizes a thought out challenge (which I won!), a past, and security. A piece of a puzzle that now, has no significance even though I learned so much from it.

So, after confirmation from Adam that “it’s time,” I took it out and with no hesitation put the ring in my jewelry box, closing the lid and walking away. And it actually felt wonderful, and all so very grown up.

We change and become new people multiple times in our lives, that’s what makes us all so interesting. We are constant and should continue to take on the moments of evolving with a smile and appreciation.

Here's to growing up, just a little.