Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Making the world a BETTER PLACE

As you know by now, I am quite fond of the gym. Ok, that’s a lie – I’m a little addicted! By my last count, I have more workout tops than I do sweaters and winter has made it’s self very comfortable here already. #losinginthewinterclothingdepartment.

Though my workouts are for the usual reasons | purpose, they provide me a self-centered space to start or end my day off right. To close myself off from the rat-race (and my constant whirlwind of thoughts) and be almost mindless for an hour with my carefully selected playlist blasting through my iPod. Which may come to haunt me later in life as it boggles my mind that I haven’t lost my hearing already. If it’s a cardio day (gym speak), I have 30 minutes to catch up on my worldly happenings whilst CNN plays on the elliptical screen keeping me distracted from the workout countdown – longest 30  minutes of my life every time!

I personally feel it’s important to stay informed, to know what is happening further and beyond the borders of Africa. But for the first time this week, I felt the need to change the channel. I couldn’t bear to see the unfolding events on the screen because the reality was too much. It hurt. It hurt because it made me truly wonder what we as a human race are coming to. How we are taking lives and things and nature and destroying it at a rapid place. 

And though I cannot just turn my back and pretend it’s not happening, it did bring to surface positive notions. Postive thinkings of how lucky I am and that I am fortunate enough to live in a country, a space, a life where there is no turmoil. There’s no danger that is leaving me lost for everything I have ever know. That there is light here . . . It hasn’t been lost in the people.

So let’s reflect on what we have and how we can make the world a better place by just being kind to one another. Never take for granted your own freedom and be grateful for it with every fiber.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Yes yes . . . I've been a little tardy in the playlist (and post) department so in stepping out the box and fulfilling your desperate need for some good music, here's a end of the month (can you believe May is nearly over!) mix for your listening delight.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Who would’ve thought my freespirited-dance-sing-laugh all night evening (from my Live a LOVELY POST) would spur a week of lunging into the true meaning of inner beauty and how I’m on the road of 'learning to love oneself for who you are' journey. 

You know how it goes – you have an evening out, take loads of pics, and wait in great anticipation (or dread) for the nights events to unravel by the uploaded photos on social media. Thinking, please oh please let them have used a good filter! Or is it just me? And I will openly admit that I can move faster than lightning in un-tagging “those” unedited-dam-I-look-awful photos – even if the room is spinning or I haven’t even had a wink of sleep. I just cannot bear to think I had a photo taken from the wrong angle or I’ve got my cheesy full mouth of teeth smile going on. 
So when the photos begun to load on my feed from that said night, I begun noticing a trend . . . they were all pure, unedited, and shone with the glory of the incredible night. And when I jokingly questioned these shockingly unedited photos with dear Jono, he simply put, “No deleting. Who cares what people think. We are all bearing the scars of living and having fun.” It hit home and made me truly think about how we, or I, are so consumed at what others may think even though that were not even there, in that special moment. How is it that we have become so obsessed with the exterior and placed such immense importance upon it.

And from this, I was inundated with inner beauty messages. Like this one, of a courageous cancer patient bride who wore her beauty in her radiance and confidence, or this brave woman who has reinvented how she perceives beauty and is putting forth a truly important message by starting the Body Image Movement.

These messages announced themselves dramatically and with them I moved into a new head-space and decided to take a plunge I’ve wanted to do for years . . . one which has resurfaced in many conversations over this week (A huge sign I guess!) between friends, work colleagues and even my personal trainer . . . and by chance – or fate – the opportunity appeared and I finally chopped off all my hair! It was easier than I thought . . . because I did it for me. I did it because I want my inner beauty to shine and my happiness to radiate without hiding behind a mop of multi coloured hair. 

Because no matter what I do or how I express myself, I am still the same woman . . .

Monday, May 12, 2014


Remember those years when you had goals for particular milestones in your life and that a piece of paper with numbers would tell you who you would marry, how many children you would have and if you’d live in an elaborate mansion or a dismal homestead? Or how in the early teens you had to indulge in where you’d be in 10 years and how the subjects you selected would impact your fate? Or even still, how we are motivated to see ourselves in 5, 10, 15 years time. 

And here I sit and think, yes: I definitely have goals and know undeniably what I want from life (even if just for the moment), but I cannot even think how tomorrow will be never mind 15 years to come! Is it just me or are we forgetting to live in the moment. Are we so fine-tuned to be big-planners and think ahead that we are forgetting to take a step back, or a brief moment, to just enjoy the now.  Perhaps forgetting that the right now means everything.

Saturday night I had a freespirited-dance-sing-laugh all night kind of evening. Taking in all the electric energy from the packed dance-floor at a low key dance club | bar. And though I only climbed into bed at 4am (and to wake at 8am) with aching feet (from my usual dancing and jumping in 6 inch heels) and a raspy voice (from singing, well wishing I could, the best 80’s hit around), I smile just thinking about the evening and wishing we were all still there. But I nearly missed it all . . . because as I sat in bed with a movie, 9:30 pm on a Saturday night, I was thinking so far ahead (ok, only as far ahead as the Sunday) that I felt a night out would ruin it.  But it didn’t – it made for an incredible memory, with incredible people and yes, a slight slap in the face that I’m getting too old for these late nights. I made my 11 am coffee and cake date with my mum and brother, worked out (without passing out), cleaned my entire apt, and made a delicious meal. All done with great exhaustion but with no regrets and with an enormous smile.

Live for the now. Say what you need to say to those around you. And be in the now.

Live a lovely now life.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


You know how we all joke “if these walls could talk” or “if people could read my mind” and in some small way are relieved that this is not possible. A sigh of, oh thank goodness! Because we’ve all had “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” moments! Aren’t they just the best. 

But as I put on my loyal black stiletto pumps for my Friday evening out, I smiled at all the years I’ve had them and the multitude of events and moments they’ve been there for and thought, if they could talk, they’d have plenty to say!

Weddings, dates, dinners, late nights dancing till the early morning, running on cobbled streets in the rain . . . They’d share the memories and the laughs and the tears and the beautiful moments. I think that’s why I cannot bear to rid of them. They’ve by some miracle lasted all these years (I splurged on them almost 7 years ago in a Los Angeles boutique) and are only now showing some signs of age (but nothing that a new heel or permanent marker cannot fix) and I think still have some umph to go with me and make some new memories.
But they do remind me of the many people I’ve lost along the way due to multiple circumstances. The memories I had with them in those shoes and that that’s all we have now. But people come and go, they remain in our lives for the amount of time they need to be and we part with the memories and lessons we need to keep. 

However, with new friends and new reminiscences, they – the pumps that is -  had a good time on Friday I can tell you that with a whole lot more to share!

Life, Lucky Moments, Memories. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A GOLD weekend

So earlier this week I shared my need to “paint my spirit gold” this winter.  And this past weekend kick-started my winter with bucket loads of gold and glitter and fuzzy happiness all over (did you just gag with this over-joy kill?). I’m guessing soon I may be singing with dancing foxes and blue birds – yeah, it’s starting to get very Disney-princess all up in here!

12 of us headed to the serene (until we arrived) area of Paarl and completely indulged our senses (and stomachs) at the buzzing SpiceRoute which is your one stop flavorsome stop to all things nice! From wine tasting, to divine food (they have 3 different restaurants on the premises), to meat curing (with truffle oils!), to beer brewing | tasting, glass blowing and my all favorite – chocolate and coffee could never leave dissatisfied! The Chocolate Roastery tempted you with delectable chocolate tastings and delicate treats to fill your sweet tooth soul – with warm brewed coffee delights to add to the sinister scrumptioness!

With full and happy bellies, we drove down the road to the famous Fairview for cheese and wine tasting. Perhaps a little too much wine tasting (especially when you make quick friends with the wine connoisseur who 'accidentally' over pours and throws in 2 extra tastings – we didn’t complain by the least) but it ended our already magnificent day on the perfect note.

It was a day with magnificent soul-good-feel-good company which led for plenty laughs and left me smiling for days. This said soul painting is well on it’s way!