Monday, September 29, 2014


Working on what started off as a dreary and drizzly Saturday, my creativity took an uninhibited beautiful turn as I sat in the studio alone with only the sounds of my clicking mouse and Ryan Bingham playing in the background. There no disruptions when I'm there alone. It’s just me, my artwork and the ability to openly create.

And then, whilst taking a breather, I accidentally stumbled across Charmaine Olivia, a San Francisco based model slash artist (the inserted slash for dramatic appeal) who has taken creativity to an insanely different level. Her  application to her art and life instantly made me want to become an entirely different creative being. From her look to her persona to her art to everything (seems a little girl-cru shish but let’s just go with it). It’s all just magnificent.

Her free spirit ignited that fire which is already within myself and immediately I wanted to work in high wasted beautiful French lingerie and wear fake deer antlers and work in a large sunny loft and and and. 

It’s about finding that small spark of inspiration from people and things around us. Finding them at a time when you least expect it but really need it.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Social Media SLOW DOWN

After what felt like the longest August in history, I said farewell to my birthday month and started September off on a positive note. I learnt a lot from August . . . that I am indeed getting older, that I really am not made to down shots and glasses of wine mid-week, that I may indeed be getting greys (however this may never be proven due to my let’s-change-our-hair-color-every-month obsession) and that it’s ok to break down a little and not always be the strong one.

But a wonderful realisation and lesson was learned too . . . It was a humorous yet substantial discussion over a few glasses wine of how we, as a society, have become programmed and almost obsessed with our little phones and the need to constantly share our every minute on social media. So when we all agreed that we'd be keeping our phones on silent and out of sight when together; I found that it started and sparked something so much more. I deleted my social media apps off my phone and almost immediately depleted my time on them by almost 100% and you know what, I like it. I do admit that when I do take a peek, I’m actually overwhelmed and glad that I’m not seeing that same old same old nonsense every day. No thank you, I don't wish to play Candy crush or see what you little kiddo had for breakfast. And it’s transitioned into silencing my phone (and placing it in my sock drawer) for 2 hours when getting home. Or leaving it at home when I’m simply popping out to the store or gym.

Try it. You tend to see so much more and actually take time to interact like we all used to back in the day. Social media freedom is quite something.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's been a WHILE

You know when you wake up and wonder how it's possible that the calendar is indeed reading the date it is and you stop in bewilderment at where the past few days and weeks have gone. It's a scary stagnant yet fast moving feeling. 

So yes, I've been scarce, haven't even gotten to my birthday celebration thank you's (which is over a month gone now . . . shameful face) or completed any of my to-do-lists. Very uncharacteristic of us Leo bunch.

Today will therefore be short, sweet, to the point yet oh so meaningful. I found it, loved it and had to share it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Travel LOVE

You know how people "catch" the travel bug . . . I personally suspect it was ingrained into my DNA the day I was born, however only ignited later in life. The deep need and sense for adventure and the discovery of further borders. Currently, it's at it's peak. Wanting more. Craving more. Needing more.

So when I stumbled on David Joseph Falossi's video, based on the Dont Date a Girl Who Travels essay (by Adi Zarsadias), I felt connected, too connected to the story and visuals flikkering before more. It said all the words I keep and which whirl in my daily thoughts.

Take it in and enjoy it's beauty.

Don't Date a Girl Who Travels from David Joseph Falossi II on Vimeo.