Monday, April 28, 2014

WINTER, Paint my Spirit Gold

On a crisp and fresh morning, I drove to work with Mumford keeping me company. Thinking how I crave (and just love) the comfort winter brings. Yes, I’m “that nutter” that wishes for the fresh cool mornings, iced windows, frost nips on eyelashes and cheeks, layers upon layers, and pashmina wrapped necks (they can hide a great deal you know!) . . . the beautiful and sentimental (and of course comforting without sounding redundant) trinkets winter has to offer. Fond of the unsaid closeness it brings between people, the unity around a fireplace, the sharing of a fluffy throw, or the linking of arms to stay warm between 2 giggling friends on a night out. 

And as winter starts to come to be, 2 key components – my playlists and the food simmering on my stove – make my winters matter. So it was of no surprise when a lyric line almost yelled at me through my speakers and an instant warm reward was realized.  That this winter, the focus will be on warming my soul . . ‘paint my spirit gold.’ That as I pull out my  winter securities, that I also ensure all I do, be it alone or with friends and family; that it’s enough for my soul to gleam with gold. Ok, I won’t be unrealistic here and think everyday will be luminous, but I was to create each day with that in mind

This past weekend was the beginning of this all (post to follow, naturally) and with it (and in great haste) I pleaded that my dad conjures up pots and pots of his warm hearty winter stews and soups (ok, so it won’t be pots on my stove but his, I will stir though!) to concluded my winter must haves and begin the months of great comfort.

Monday, April 21, 2014


It’s funny what age does. How we truly do evolve and find new meaning in things which we saw oh so differently years before. This anomalous reflection came to me whilst I was reading, in my car, waiting for an appointment I was tremendously early for.

Let’s first cover the basis of this scenario: I am reading more now than I ever have in all my life as A: I have chosen not to get a television B: I truly could not famine watching the awful content on it and C: Am frustrated with the slow streaming so I read and I love the escape it offers me.  And to wrap this basis up, I’m always early – it’s a habit I’ve continued to enhance the older I get and perhaps it calls for some waiting time which in turn has now become somewhat of reflection time. Or on an odd day sometimes, ok always, over thinking (remember, I’m the self proclaimed over-thinker). 
Ok, back to where I was getting to – when I first attempted to read Eat Pray Love when it hit the shelves in it’s heyday, I just couldn’t grasp it. I wondered what all the fuss was about. The movie however was inspiring and delightful and made me wish I’d loved the book as much, or had even been able to get past the first few chapters!
But as I picked it up again and gave it my second chance, I sit here with the words leaping out at me and I now get it. You see, the funny age thing. I feel an association with it; that in some way I’m living this free-spirited life which she tells us about.

And as I headed to Kalk Bay along the coast with Ursula and her vibrant family, I walked through the alleys and streets taking in all the magic the small village had to offer. From the authentic African craft scents and textures to the beautiful artistic prints & textiles to the warm coffee aromas from the sidewalk cafes . . . it’s as though reading her journey has made me take my own and open up my senses in overload.

So take it all inthe small stuff, the big extraordinaires. It’s all there under our noses.

Monday, April 14, 2014


The past few weekends, tell me that good things are happening. Very good things. They’ve been filled with days with special people, adventurous escapades, new faces, new places, and a new energy I thought had disappeared for a little while there.
THE CITY WITH SOUL WEEKEND: I was joined by my super indie-feminist-arty-free friends Lorin and Richard (and let’s not leave out 6 month old Oscar the Whippet) for an early morning hike up Lions Head. The fresh morning air allowed us beautiful blue hued 360’ views of what they call the Mother City. From the harbor, to the far reaches of the ocean, to Robben Island and the city, it was no doubt that our weekend started off on the right foot (yes, pun fully intended!) With tired legs and an exhausted pup, we drove down to the city center to sip on almond lattes and tea at the super hip Skinny Legs and All on the city sidewalk of Loop Street. As I listened to the sounds and watched the cars whiz by our serene spot, I was reminded how magnificent this city is, not only from it’s exterior but the soul and energy it holds and continues to inspire me with.
The same weekend I reconnected with a dear dear friend. She’s a soul that continues to remain true and beautiful. We had not seen each other in over 5 years, however the moment I saw her walking towards the table, it seemed like only yesterday that we were saying our goodbyes in the USA. With her vibrant stories of her travels and the country and it’s people . . . I shone with pride to be South African!
THE BEST NIGHT WEEKEND: Over the past 9 months I have allowed new faces into my life, sharing my story and listening intently to theirs. 2 in particular have made a tremendous impact on myself and each time we depart,  I cannot wait for the next time we all get to chatter, catch up, and laugh between our chaotic schedules. They have made me feel alive and beautiful again! So it was no surprise when Mark, my longest falsies and I headed to the ever so fabulous Beefcakes for a night out on the town – that it was more than magnificent. WHAT A NIGHT! Drag Queens * Tequila * A Motorbike Helmet * A Dog Bite * Table Dancing . . .  thankfully no tigers in our bathrooms but close enough! I realized I can smile and feel right at home in this city. I heard myself laugh and glow again with enormous radiance.

It’s these small moments in this big city which make it so magical and treasured.

Monday, April 7, 2014

As the Seasons CHANGE

One of my favorite moments of the day is my commute home. No matter how long, short, good, bad, whatever the mood may be – the drive through the wine lands settles my day. 

I watch as the day draws to an end. As the sun nestles itself behind the ocean horizontal and paints beautiful colors across Table Mountain and the vineyards. It’s too picturesque for words and it brings a wave of calm and clarity as I close my own day and allow myself to shut off from the world.

There’s a small segment of road which sustains itself from the 2 hubs I commute between. Where nature is allowed to just be and for one to breathe. And within this gap, it becomes all too apparent where the seasons are heading, what the days ahead will bring and as the vineyard’s turn beautiful shades of maroon and the cows carry their extra layer of warmth; it’s quite apparent that Africa is starting to cool. That the freshness in the air will catch our breath a little longer in the mornings and bring on the winter rains. 

It reminds me how the natural course of nature applies to us too. That change is good. It’s refreshing like the winter cool air, and it brings blossoming times as does the spring. 

As I embrace the winter, I embrace the changes it brings with it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Here's to setting the tone for April with a few tracks I'm loving at the moment or a few which bring back some wonderful memories. Kick back, press play and have a little music moment.

HAPPY APRIL! Let's make it a terrific month!