Monday, April 14, 2014


The past few weekends, tell me that good things are happening. Very good things. They’ve been filled with days with special people, adventurous escapades, new faces, new places, and a new energy I thought had disappeared for a little while there.
THE CITY WITH SOUL WEEKEND: I was joined by my super indie-feminist-arty-free friends Lorin and Richard (and let’s not leave out 6 month old Oscar the Whippet) for an early morning hike up Lions Head. The fresh morning air allowed us beautiful blue hued 360’ views of what they call the Mother City. From the harbor, to the far reaches of the ocean, to Robben Island and the city, it was no doubt that our weekend started off on the right foot (yes, pun fully intended!) With tired legs and an exhausted pup, we drove down to the city center to sip on almond lattes and tea at the super hip Skinny Legs and All on the city sidewalk of Loop Street. As I listened to the sounds and watched the cars whiz by our serene spot, I was reminded how magnificent this city is, not only from it’s exterior but the soul and energy it holds and continues to inspire me with.
The same weekend I reconnected with a dear dear friend. She’s a soul that continues to remain true and beautiful. We had not seen each other in over 5 years, however the moment I saw her walking towards the table, it seemed like only yesterday that we were saying our goodbyes in the USA. With her vibrant stories of her travels and the country and it’s people . . . I shone with pride to be South African!
THE BEST NIGHT WEEKEND: Over the past 9 months I have allowed new faces into my life, sharing my story and listening intently to theirs. 2 in particular have made a tremendous impact on myself and each time we depart,  I cannot wait for the next time we all get to chatter, catch up, and laugh between our chaotic schedules. They have made me feel alive and beautiful again! So it was no surprise when Mark, my longest falsies and I headed to the ever so fabulous Beefcakes for a night out on the town – that it was more than magnificent. WHAT A NIGHT! Drag Queens * Tequila * A Motorbike Helmet * A Dog Bite * Table Dancing . . .  thankfully no tigers in our bathrooms but close enough! I realized I can smile and feel right at home in this city. I heard myself laugh and glow again with enormous radiance.

It’s these small moments in this big city which make it so magical and treasured.