Monday, April 7, 2014

As the Seasons CHANGE

One of my favorite moments of the day is my commute home. No matter how long, short, good, bad, whatever the mood may be – the drive through the wine lands settles my day. 

I watch as the day draws to an end. As the sun nestles itself behind the ocean horizontal and paints beautiful colors across Table Mountain and the vineyards. It’s too picturesque for words and it brings a wave of calm and clarity as I close my own day and allow myself to shut off from the world.

There’s a small segment of road which sustains itself from the 2 hubs I commute between. Where nature is allowed to just be and for one to breathe. And within this gap, it becomes all too apparent where the seasons are heading, what the days ahead will bring and as the vineyard’s turn beautiful shades of maroon and the cows carry their extra layer of warmth; it’s quite apparent that Africa is starting to cool. That the freshness in the air will catch our breath a little longer in the mornings and bring on the winter rains. 

It reminds me how the natural course of nature applies to us too. That change is good. It’s refreshing like the winter cool air, and it brings blossoming times as does the spring. 

As I embrace the winter, I embrace the changes it brings with it.