Monday, April 28, 2014

WINTER, Paint my Spirit Gold

On a crisp and fresh morning, I drove to work with Mumford keeping me company. Thinking how I crave (and just love) the comfort winter brings. Yes, I’m “that nutter” that wishes for the fresh cool mornings, iced windows, frost nips on eyelashes and cheeks, layers upon layers, and pashmina wrapped necks (they can hide a great deal you know!) . . . the beautiful and sentimental (and of course comforting without sounding redundant) trinkets winter has to offer. Fond of the unsaid closeness it brings between people, the unity around a fireplace, the sharing of a fluffy throw, or the linking of arms to stay warm between 2 giggling friends on a night out. 

And as winter starts to come to be, 2 key components – my playlists and the food simmering on my stove – make my winters matter. So it was of no surprise when a lyric line almost yelled at me through my speakers and an instant warm reward was realized.  That this winter, the focus will be on warming my soul . . ‘paint my spirit gold.’ That as I pull out my  winter securities, that I also ensure all I do, be it alone or with friends and family; that it’s enough for my soul to gleam with gold. Ok, I won’t be unrealistic here and think everyday will be luminous, but I was to create each day with that in mind

This past weekend was the beginning of this all (post to follow, naturally) and with it (and in great haste) I pleaded that my dad conjures up pots and pots of his warm hearty winter stews and soups (ok, so it won’t be pots on my stove but his, I will stir though!) to concluded my winter must haves and begin the months of great comfort.