Thursday, May 1, 2014

A GOLD weekend

So earlier this week I shared my need to “paint my spirit gold” this winter.  And this past weekend kick-started my winter with bucket loads of gold and glitter and fuzzy happiness all over (did you just gag with this over-joy kill?). I’m guessing soon I may be singing with dancing foxes and blue birds – yeah, it’s starting to get very Disney-princess all up in here!

12 of us headed to the serene (until we arrived) area of Paarl and completely indulged our senses (and stomachs) at the buzzing SpiceRoute which is your one stop flavorsome stop to all things nice! From wine tasting, to divine food (they have 3 different restaurants on the premises), to meat curing (with truffle oils!), to beer brewing | tasting, glass blowing and my all favorite – chocolate and coffee could never leave dissatisfied! The Chocolate Roastery tempted you with delectable chocolate tastings and delicate treats to fill your sweet tooth soul – with warm brewed coffee delights to add to the sinister scrumptioness!

With full and happy bellies, we drove down the road to the famous Fairview for cheese and wine tasting. Perhaps a little too much wine tasting (especially when you make quick friends with the wine connoisseur who 'accidentally' over pours and throws in 2 extra tastings – we didn’t complain by the least) but it ended our already magnificent day on the perfect note.

It was a day with magnificent soul-good-feel-good company which led for plenty laughs and left me smiling for days. This said soul painting is well on it’s way!