Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Making the world a BETTER PLACE

As you know by now, I am quite fond of the gym. Ok, that’s a lie – I’m a little addicted! By my last count, I have more workout tops than I do sweaters and winter has made it’s self very comfortable here already. #losinginthewinterclothingdepartment.

Though my workouts are for the usual reasons | purpose, they provide me a self-centered space to start or end my day off right. To close myself off from the rat-race (and my constant whirlwind of thoughts) and be almost mindless for an hour with my carefully selected playlist blasting through my iPod. Which may come to haunt me later in life as it boggles my mind that I haven’t lost my hearing already. If it’s a cardio day (gym speak), I have 30 minutes to catch up on my worldly happenings whilst CNN plays on the elliptical screen keeping me distracted from the workout countdown – longest 30  minutes of my life every time!

I personally feel it’s important to stay informed, to know what is happening further and beyond the borders of Africa. But for the first time this week, I felt the need to change the channel. I couldn’t bear to see the unfolding events on the screen because the reality was too much. It hurt. It hurt because it made me truly wonder what we as a human race are coming to. How we are taking lives and things and nature and destroying it at a rapid place. 

And though I cannot just turn my back and pretend it’s not happening, it did bring to surface positive notions. Postive thinkings of how lucky I am and that I am fortunate enough to live in a country, a space, a life where there is no turmoil. There’s no danger that is leaving me lost for everything I have ever know. That there is light here . . . It hasn’t been lost in the people.

So let’s reflect on what we have and how we can make the world a better place by just being kind to one another. Never take for granted your own freedom and be grateful for it with every fiber.