Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#Small Voice of CHANGE

I stop, take a breath and think about the past few weeks. Jeez. Where do I even begin. They’ve been a tornado of emotion, sickness (seasonal cold finally beat my daily dose of the big Vita C), a silly grisly not so pretty looking burn, disappointment, an unexpected hangover, overeating, under-eating, tears, laughter, a I’m-just-so-tired kinda breakdown, realization, growth, memories, loss, discovery. .  . it’s as though the fast forward button was pushed and paused on a senseless loop. But thankfully this week it’s been paused and my body, mind, and sanity (what is left thereof) can take a mini-vacation and recollect it’s pieces. Even if for just a brief moment. 

With all the above, my mind ventured to the days ahead as I approach a year of retuning to the mother continent and leaving so much behind, so suddenly, all those miles (the 8005) over the ocean.  And how just a little short of a year ago I started my writings and sharing’s (is that even a word? Well, now it is) as the Lucky Locket. How it provided a connection and outlet to all that was lost and all that I was trying to find. Or perhaps discover and just couldn’t see it was all right in front of me.

There have been immense changes in my life which I have been fortunate to reflect upon and share via LL.  And with a recent small voice of change, I realized that I’m yet again going through a metamorphosis of variation in life and perhaps it’s time LL get’s a little change too. Like a little revamp, or a new lipstick shade, or new favorite indulgence . . . changes which exude how I’ve changed as a person, a designer, a creative and the inspiration I’ve drawn from so many other creatives, influential strong females, bloggers, designers, friends, family.
So within the weeks ahead there will be much remembrance and reflection as well as visual changes to the blog and some fun new segments just to spice things up and keep you on your toes. So don’t loose hope with the lack of posts – it’s all been for the good I promise. I cannot wait to experience yet another year with you all and hope to continue to inspire, share, and voice my ever growing (and mighty evolving) opinion.