Sunday, June 29, 2014


This is one of the new segments I would like to introduce to the LL (remember I said I’d like to spice things up a little and keep you all on your toes . . . I tend to like to keep my promises!) Sharing “shut the frount door” new finds and things that I am currently just loving and cannot live without: why keep it a secret, that’s no fun! So each month I hope to showcase some key finds which make me say out loud, OMG, I just cannot live without this!

THE GRAND BUDDAHPEST HOTEL (Well, the influence of)
This movie, by the ever incredible and strange Wes Anderson, blew me away. It's a highly visual cinematic adventure which made me love pink all over again and planted a creative desire for permanent residency in the beautiful hotel and a need to keep the charatcers in my pocket as inspiring friends. A must see!

Ok, let me just state the fact that I am not a “game” person. Yes, I am VERY competitive, but when it comes to online | mobile | FB games, you can leave me out (and yes, I have denied every Farmville and Candy Crush request and will continue to do so) but when I came across DOTS to fill time when waiting at the salon, or a file to upload, or to look busy (ok, the latter doesn’t ever occur but I thought it had great impact) . . . I thought I’d died and gone to visual game heaven. Beware, it’s addictive and has a sister game Two Dots. Best thing is they are both free apps! You’re welcome.

Sometimes you just need a good laugh or an escape from reality - and this show gives me just that. I am addicted to these characters and their stories and their jokes and their crazy lives. Once I got past Zoey's obnoxious singing I fell in love with her whimsical character and feel somewhat a little more normal each time I watch an episode.#solovingit

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


As mentioned in a previous post this blog become an outlet in many ways being a new profound way to share my opinion. Then, a few days ago a beautiful soul tagged me in a post on the big FB. A photo with a beautifully written blurb. It was so true I felt it was almost written just for me (so I’d like to think!). And as I continue to write and share, this all just resonates to so the many reasons I continue to write -  not only the blog but the ever secret writings of the LL Book (personal writings of experiences from all the way back of 2006) which I don’t know will ever see the light of day. 

But here's to why we do what we do and how we find our own individual ways cope, open up, smile, or keep going.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Isn’t it beautiful how our minds can remember precise moments . . . how we can feel the wind in our hair, or the scent in the air, or the sounds surrounding us, or the gentle words being spoken, or the hope being shared. Beautiful how any one of these can be returned and in an instant. We close our eyes and return to that space and that moment in time. That the memory becomes so real that it moves us. And we get a glimmer of a moment that meant so much and we remember how beautiful our life has been. 

I am finding these moments frequent and reoccurring with flashes of how this time last year things were so different as to now but how beautiful they were but how beautiful things are now too in a very different way.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#Small Voice of CHANGE

I stop, take a breath and think about the past few weeks. Jeez. Where do I even begin. They’ve been a tornado of emotion, sickness (seasonal cold finally beat my daily dose of the big Vita C), a silly grisly not so pretty looking burn, disappointment, an unexpected hangover, overeating, under-eating, tears, laughter, a I’m-just-so-tired kinda breakdown, realization, growth, memories, loss, discovery. .  . it’s as though the fast forward button was pushed and paused on a senseless loop. But thankfully this week it’s been paused and my body, mind, and sanity (what is left thereof) can take a mini-vacation and recollect it’s pieces. Even if for just a brief moment. 

With all the above, my mind ventured to the days ahead as I approach a year of retuning to the mother continent and leaving so much behind, so suddenly, all those miles (the 8005) over the ocean.  And how just a little short of a year ago I started my writings and sharing’s (is that even a word? Well, now it is) as the Lucky Locket. How it provided a connection and outlet to all that was lost and all that I was trying to find. Or perhaps discover and just couldn’t see it was all right in front of me.

There have been immense changes in my life which I have been fortunate to reflect upon and share via LL.  And with a recent small voice of change, I realized that I’m yet again going through a metamorphosis of variation in life and perhaps it’s time LL get’s a little change too. Like a little revamp, or a new lipstick shade, or new favorite indulgence . . . changes which exude how I’ve changed as a person, a designer, a creative and the inspiration I’ve drawn from so many other creatives, influential strong females, bloggers, designers, friends, family.
So within the weeks ahead there will be much remembrance and reflection as well as visual changes to the blog and some fun new segments just to spice things up and keep you on your toes. So don’t loose hope with the lack of posts – it’s all been for the good I promise. I cannot wait to experience yet another year with you all and hope to continue to inspire, share, and voice my ever growing (and mighty evolving) opinion.