Monday, December 30, 2013

The Year of 14

As I sit and reflect on 2013, I set the tone with a playlist of songs which evoke emotions, bring forth memories, and get me focused for the year ahead.

So before getting serious or soppy (well, me that is), press play and enjoy 40 tunes to get you through the last of 2013 or welcome in the new hours of 2014!

Be Safe, Be Happy, Be Wild.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bearings - FOUND!

Well there it went - the holiday rush took it's toll and then just dissipated with a glittery trail of shoppers guilt and a large festive season gut. It's without fail that each year I wonder how we put so much energy into the holidays and then within a day, it's all gone. And I felt with all the pandemonium, I just couldn't seem to get my bearings straight. From simple tasks - keeping up with laundry to making time for the gym and the inevitable shopping gift list. It just all seemed too much this year.

As I had mentioned in this post, I was keeping it cool and low key these holidays. I was so relieved I did. I had to focus on not having an emotional crocodile tears breakdown due to the distance from my incredible boyfriend or dear dear friends, and distracted myself with family time and work. In the end, we truly had so much fun. We had the  "laughed so hard our stomachs pained for days" kind of fun all through Christmas day amongst the deep conversations, obnoxious amount of food (I feel like I've stored enough in my reserves to last all through 2014) and a fair amount of good wine. Now with it all over, I finally feel a sense or normality settling in and my bearings have been found again.

As we end the festivities with the approaching (and sometimes daunting) New Years Eve, I am continuing my "taming the wrecking ball" trend and have decided to do absolutely NOTHING for the big evening. I plan to watch movies (already recorded on my PVR #totesprepared) on the couch, in sweatpants, sans makeup, with a few glasses of good wine and a FaceTime date with my man. This year I'm too anxious to be on the road (the DUI laws in South Africa are almost non existent so there is little respect for drinking under the influence), I'm exhausted, and I'd love to call in the new year without a hangover or a blurred lines memory! Here's to approaching the new year with positive vibes. Make the last days count.

Believe, Feel, Love, Be, Create, Inspire.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

LALA Kahle Madiba

It's been an emotional week for South Africans and the world. A week of celebrations, mourning and remembrance. The week where, Nelson Mandela - Madiba - Tata - passed on.

One can never prepare themselves for the emotions and sadness which takes over for the loss of someone so great. You never sense you will feel the rawness, and when you do - it's overwhelming. He was a man that even if you never had the privilege of being in his presence, there was a sensibility that you knew him.

As with others of our time, I had the honor of living in the same era of a man who has shown our country and the world the most immaculate humilty, grace, and greatness. Against all odds and over 20 years in prison, he showed us that no fight can ever be lost. That standing up for all you believe in can change the world. The change that brought all South Africans together and made us proud. Proud that with him, we overcame all odds to have equality for all.
With each mile stone he made, I had the privilege to witness and gain from them.  And now hoping that we will hold true to his legacy, dream and keep his fight and hope alive.

And as I watch his body being laid to rest, I am proud to say he was the president and father of my country and that in my eyes, he will always be the greatest man who ever lived with his long walk to freedom coming to an end but continuing for us.

We will never forget Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. LALA Kahle Madiba.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December's DELIGHT

December is here . . . and a new month always brings new music for your listening delight. So weather you are on the road to visit loved ones, or sitting in the office working during the festive season - here are some songs to keep your spirits high.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Silly Season Seriousness

You're smiling aren't you? Smiling at how dam funny and BRILLIANT this gem of a holiday ornament is! I thought I was going to literally pee in my pants when I saw this pop up on my Facebook feed. The genius of it is priceless but it triggers thoughts as to how much better the festive season could be if we didn't take it quite so seriously.

Yes, for many it's a deep religious family time, which I respect, but for the majority; just one whirlwind of silliness. And remember this post, a time we forget what it's truly all about. 

I am the first one to admit I can allow myself to get very wrapped up (yes, pun intended) in the season - my tree is usually up before Thanksgiving dinner is even being put in the oven, my apartment comes alive with copper and dusty gold ornaments with flickers of Tinkerbell here and there, and I'm putting thought and time on designing holiday cards and decor for the special day.  And this is tame, very tame, compared to many I know. It's as if the holidays take a small piece of our sanity and let it run wild and free for 25 days.

This festive season, I'm taming the wrecking ball - for my own sanity! It's been a very long year and I feel my efforts need to be exhausted (and tamed) elsewhere. So please excuse me as I write a few less cards this year, keep my holiday jewels in their boxes (all the way in the USA so that is a pretty legitimate "excuse") and sit with a glass of wine, family, friends, and a good meal sans the silly season seriousness.

Have fun these holidays - really down right "we laughed so hard our stomachs pained for days" kind of fun and take in the special and small moments with loved ones as those are the priceless gifts which make the time together momentous.

Let's watch the SSS begin and chuckle!

Thank you to Drew Sitze (the brains behind the ornament creation), a partner of Sweet Savannah Style for allowing the use of the featured photo.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Isn't funny how some days we can appreciate what we see in the mirror while other days no new outfit, glam accessories, or false lashes can make you feel beautiful. But yet when others see us, they see our beauty shine through our loose confident cracks.

What I have enjoyed most about maturing and getting older is the self-assurance you start to form. The fact that you can throw on a t-shirt and jeans with your hair pinned back to go to the grocery store instead of the heels and the entire get-up with fear of seeing someone you know. And If I bump into you in my said jeans and t-shirt, well hey, it's just one of those things and I will just hide  my makeup free face behind my CRAP. You truly get honest with yourself and realize (with great comfort) that this is who you are and it should be embraced fully. To see your flaws as your unique allure. I immediately think of the magnificent Lana Del Rey | Lipgloss . . . her tear drop eyes, over sized lips . . .  her imperfections make her absolutely stunning. And yes, she's in the spotlight - but we can apply this to ourselves too.

If others judge or feel the need to put you down, then perhaps it's time to re-evaluate their position in your life.

Today, feel beautiful in your own skin. See your small blemishes as your allurement and be confident in the fact that you are beautiful today and everyday!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SUMMER in my Hair

Kiss me hard before you go. Summertime Sadness . . .
Summer has arrived people! These warm summer days have me moving towards the rays and feeling light. I'm beginning to get some much needed color,getting my toes wet and my feet in the sand. And in the midst, pulling my American ways on the crowd with my grievance of "how do you people survive with" no air-con!

I was beginning to think my summer would be a sad one. Embracing Lana's  Summertime Sadness with the thoughts of the difficult, yet life changing months past. But my great "summer has arrived" moment occurred when driving home from work. With the windows down, sun on my skin, the breeze in my hair, sunnies on, and the sound of my out of tune singing to the newest summer song, I knew I was chasing a thousand dreams with this moment. I didn't want it to run out. It's the instant where nothing can dent the immense happiness you feel and that no matter what chaos you are surround with, it's a million miles away, behind your summer sing a long car ride. The summer time sadness of weeks before erased and the hope that this moment will make the days ahead so much more better.

So let summer roll on. Let these moments be more frequent. We all deserve serenity for even a brief instant.

SUMMER . . . Life gets better

Monday, November 18, 2013


So many things, people, moments come and go in and out of our lives. Some may leave us physically, but they leave an imprint in our hearts and memories. Others stay for longer than others, but each and every one, no matter the duration, comes for a reason. To teach, to help us grow, cry, dream, and yearn. Some break our hearts, some make it flourish with light and joy. These ever changing tides of our lives are what make us, us. Strengthening us with every wave even if we are unsure of it at the time.

With the moments and people I have been so fortunate to make and encounter, there's been much heart ache too. Lovers, friends, family . . . lost. Some forgotten for a reason but others always at the back of mind and never escaping my thoughts. 

It's truly amazing how the ebbs and flows of our lives can bring so much, yet take so much away. But also, how we take the present for granted. It can all be gone, in the blink of an eye.

Love those close to you with everything you have, tell them that you love them. Smile at strangers, be kind and be aware that life is short and we need to take every moment, everyday and make it count.

Hold Onto the Good Things and be Thankful for them Everyday.

Friday, November 15, 2013


I know I know - I've been SO slack with posting my lovely thoughts but I do have good reasons, I promise. It's been one crazy creative wild week - but getting there! My new job is allowing me to reach new heights and I know with everything, it's the job I am meant to have!

So to make up for the lack of sharing, here's wishing you a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend! 

And next week, the LL will be back on track!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

And Today you shall wear . . .

 You know those mornings when the coffee seems to take longer to brew, you cannot match your cat-eye liner, you "have nothing to wear," or before you know if you had to be out the door 10 minutes ago? And in turn, you wore a sweater and it'll be a sweltering hot day as you forgot to check the weather.

When I first heard about Forecast My Fashion, I had a - why on earth did I not think of that - moment but was thrilled with the genius of it! This Cape Town (hopefully soon to be available in other cities) based company "is your one stop daily personal stylist assisting you to dress stylishly, efficiently and appropriate to the weather conditions for the weather forecasted for that day." 

A daily post, on their Facebook Page and website, provides you with a graphic indicating a full outfit with accessories as well as the weather details for the day - GENIUS! And to make it even better, the price and store details are listed for each piece - ALL PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!

You're welcome! Happy Monday.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I started a new job this week . . . 

With a few freelance graphic design stints behind me since my return to South Africa, I was able to get a grasp as to the local industry, it's people, and which niche I wanted to pursue - that's a flexibility which does not come knocking at ones door everyday. And with this, I was watching people getting burned out, complain about their positions or just not have a drive for their jobs anymore.
 And there it was, my angelic-clouds parting in the sky-aaaaaaah moment. I made up my mind that I truly had think about what I really wanted to do. And I was in the perfect position to do so. The timing was perfect. I focused on where my creative passion lies, what I expected from my daily career and those around me, as well as the path I was willing to take to be happy. I am exceptionally fortunate that my job entails making beautiful things everyday and bringing visions to life, but I wanted to make sure I was happy and satisfied while doing it.
 And by absolute fate, I stumbled across the job opening I had been hoping for . . . And landed my dream position out of the ocean of 300 applicants! A job that was more than just a job. An opportunity to challenge myself and create detailed and heavily thought out designs with delicate details that only the trained and intricate eye can see - the designs I thrive on!

So now, I work in the most beautiful studio, the photo's don't do it any justice, which exudes a hub of quality, creativity, warmth and devotion. Devotion to all areas of the couture stationery industry which is evident through and through in all pieces. My colleagues are strong and gifted woman who all shine a light of their own inspired flair. You cannot help but be energized by the people and the surroundings.

Could it get any better? Oh yes - it can! One of my "must haves" in my new career hunt was that I refused to sit in traffic! After a few months of being in the car for nearly 3 hours a day, I was adamant that it was not going to become the normal. There's so much more to life than the rat race and I couldn't bear to waste those precious hours in my day. My new daily commute to and from work provides me with magnificent views of the local wine valley between the hustle and bustle of the 2 areas I travel between . . . with minimal traffic. I already feel the difference - refreshed arriving in the office and relieved when departing that I don't have miles of traffic ahead. #winningbigtime

I truly feel so incredible lucky . . . my little locket has been filled with luck and hope which I am so grateful for. But I know I've worked incredibly hard for it all and cannot wait to continue to work even harder for the opportunities ahead. 

Don't let any chances pass you by when you know they will change your life and bring you happiness . . . even if you have to compromise a little.

Happy Weekend!

It's all coming TOGETHER . . .

. . . slowly but surely and oh so beautifully! The past 2 weeks have brought with them revelations, progress, challenges and exciting new changes. Ones which have landed themselves intently. 

As I mentioned in the November Nolgastic post, I started a brand new job this week and it's been unbelievable! And wait till you see the beautiful space I get to embrace everyday and hear about the influential and marvelous ladies I work with too. It's a dazzling new adventure! I will have all the dirty, or in this case charming, details on Friday for your enjoyment.

With this whirlwind of good and overcoming some challenges along the way, I've allowed myself to stand back and think - you've done it! You've moved forward in all the directions you wished to. You've achieved so much when you thought you couldn't and look at you now!

So take on those challenges because YOU CAN DO IT and don't forget to DREAM BIG!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

NOVEMBER Nolgastic

It's November - already! It went by without even a hint of settling and I cannot believe the changes and revelations it brought with it. 

As the weather warms here and the people of Cape Town come out of their winter burrows, I'll be taking in the beauty and vibe of the city and hopefully the beach! Even though there won't be a white Christmas here, I cannot wait to be sipping cocktails on the beach frount watching the sunset over Robben Island as Santa Claus passes by selling ice cream or African curios.

On the job frount, I have ended a propitious and influential contract with a stationery company only to land an amazing position with another which I start today! I cannot wait to shed some light with you later in the week on what, where, and how I do what I do.

But to get you week going, here's Novembers mix for your listening pleasure. A little bit of everything. Press play and you're good to go.

LL: Follow Lucky Locket on 8 tracks here.


Friday, November 1, 2013


I love Halloween - love love loooove it! It's the build up, the gaudy decor, and let's not forget the opportunity to be anything, or anyone you like! Build this whole persona for just one day, or for us adults, one night and just feel free to be or do anything - because you're in character of course!

My past few Halloweens have been so much fun and spent with special friends. Aaaah, memories. But then it hit me yesterday morning while working out, that this Halloween, was well, not Halloween. There are no decorations in peoples yards, or pop-up costume stores, or days of creepy (and strong) jello shots | costume prep. There are no leaves on the ground or early Fall  sunsets. It's just another day in Africa. Back in the box you go Dark Alice. It really is quite silly that all these holidays are getting me down, but it's all part of a transition that is taking time but taken without those who would usually be there to guide me along the way. And it is only Halloween after all.

But, on the brighter side of all this - it's been a terrific week with many new changes and good news! But I will leave you hanging for the weekend, because I can! 

Have a beautiful weekend.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

INSPIRED . . . Still

LL QUICK UPDATE POST: It truly is amazing what good food, return-to-a routine, and a kick butt pre-workout can do for one! I'm already feeling refreshed and ready for action everyday since Monday's revelation post!

With a skip in my step, I came across this magical photo.* I smiled and thought - I feel like her! Free, fresh, liberated and with the eye on the prize. 

So find what inspires you, even the smallest thing. Today is the day to put your all into anything & everything as you may regret it when tomorrow comes and you never did!

*I regretfully cannot find the original photo source and can't give credit where due. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

GUTTED . . . Literally!

What a weekend! My oh my. Mine started with the last strains of being ill and the unfortunate realization that being down for the count for nearly 2 weeks and only having the capability to make 1 visit to the gym, has been dreadfully unforgiving. Like that moment when Cinderella realized she wouldn't make it to the ball. And I am gutted that after weeks of muscle building-body toning progress, I am now left with what feels like a literal gut in areas I don't wish to have.

So after throwing multiple pity parties about being in pain, ill, and now a little loose around the edges; I took the weekend to draw in all the inspiration I could get and grasped as many positive attitudes and encounters I could get my hands on. From dazzling summer beach runs, beams of sunshine, time with family, deep and personal documentaries (one of them being this beautiful film by Beyoncé), health blog | page readings, and  conversations with discovered souls - it all came together to give me the aaaha angels in the sky moment I desired so very desperately.
I gratefully concluded that I'm in a great urgency of refocusing my energy on what my body and mind need to be healthy again and to get back on track. Included in this, and for health reasons, I've made the difficult choice to revisit meat into my diet but only buying and consuming mindful, organic, farm | grass fed products. After an adventerous trip to the market, I left with a cart full of fresh, organic, free range goodies and stocked up my fridge and steamer. I'm now ready to get back on my band wagon!

It may seem so insignificant - 2 weeks, really, what can that do? For me personally, it seems like an enormous set back. And somehow I just lost track of what was important for me, my soul, and body. And now, I need to re-rail myself. Selfish - nah, I think we all deserve the right put ourselves first at times. Especially when we feel a piece of individuality has gone missing.

So here's to inspiration, new beginnings, today's and exciting tomorrow's! Here's to taking time for ourselves and molding our inner fire.

Friday, October 25, 2013


I'm asked what it's like to be so far from the one I love . . . having a long distance relationship . . . keeping the balance . . . coping with the time difference. Is it hard? Yes! Is it lonely? Yes, most times. Is it worth it? Hell yes!

There are many days when I wonder how we have made it so far and how many months it'll be till we can be with each other again. Right now, we are both unsure when that will be due to factors out of our hands. But I know I could not have done it without him or with anyone else. It's a day by day coping, dying inside with my love being so far away. Same days it angers me that two people, so in love, who have been through so much, are torn apart.

But then there's a magnificent part of our relationship, as both a couple and friends, that would never have been discovered without the distance. We have opened the most marvelous and resourceful ways to communicate each day, even with a 6 hour time difference. I've learned so much about him, our connection and love, as well as myself. I've learned that the heart does grow fonder with distance but too -  that a heart really can hurt, physically and emotionally, from heart ache.

When the day does come that we are together again, I know that the smallest things - holding hands, Wednesday Sushi nights, rainy couch days, morning coffee in bed, trips to the farm - will all mean so much more.

Above all, I know I love someone with everything I have and I feel that more than ever in return. And no matter how long I have to wait, I will . . . because there is no and will never be no other love like this.

I love you.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Over the past few days I have been down with the seasonal cold, trying to balance work, rest, and some form of a social life. With the additional time on my hands, my mind has begun to wonder. It immediately goes to those I miss so dearly but most recently, to the memories of my childhood. Having my family so near and spending so much time with my brother, we share and remember moments everyday. My brother remembers everything, and I mean everything. I don't know how he does it. Either he's a spawn of Einstein or I am just getting very old! He remembers each minuscule detail and we've nearly wet our pants with laughter at some of the stories. Some have been returned to the back of my mind as they remind what a dreadful big sister I was at times!

It then came to no surprise when I stumbled across the photo in this post (via WEZC) that even more memories flooded. How that little girl embodied everything of the little girl I was. Determined and living in her own chimera world, preferably by a swimming pool or under my grandfathers willow tree with my tea set and fairy "friends." Growing up in a middle class family, we had our struggles, but we were always surrounded by family, friends, and highly influential and affecting role models.

Remember how simple life was. How we could entertain ourselves for hours playing in the dirt, finding snails, or setting up our own grocery store with a few boxes and chairs. Where did we lose that extraordinary simplistic imagination but where along the way did the children of today loose it? I take my hat off to any parent of the now as life for children, is not as I or the generations before me knew it. It's challenging.

Let's make for better and beautiful memories for the children of today. Taking them almost back in time, back in the dirt, and back to imaginative and unicorn filled memories.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Yes, I'm going to go there ... I'm going to hop on the Miley Cyrus crazy train and wave out the open windows singing "We Can't Stop"(this version) at top volume with no shame.

Initially, I was just as gob smacked as the rest of the world with the "new" Miley and wondered where it was going. But the more she began to pop up in the media, the more I began to somewhat appreciate where she was going with it all. And how incredibly talented and adept she is, especially for her age. She has achieved what many artists cannot - she's captured and kept our attention. Keeping us talking and knowing more about twerking than the details of current news affairs. And ever noticed how with every performance she has done recently, it's has been live and almost flawless. She's definitely onto something here.

Her recent appearance on Ellen is what truly won me over. She was likable and honest. She was herself. And though there may be some recent displays where she's not emerging to be the best role model, she's still giving a positive message that being yourself and finding that comfort is where happiness lies. I adored her thoughts on how she is learning and discovering more about those close to her. Valuing their interests. She recently asked them the give her lists of their favorite books, movies, and music as these personal likes are how we find out a deeper side to those closest to us. I loved this and wanted to stand up and applaud her for it.

Who would've thought Miley would be teaching us a thing or two! We cannot forget that she's had to grow and evolve as we all do but in-front of the world. 

LL: Let's discover more about those near and dear to us as well as ourselves.

Photo via Elle UK

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

KEEP CALM and just push!

Don't worry, there are no child labor stories or even the potential of here. But a few days ago, I had a moment when this came to be for a brief second and I had to indeed push . . . a car, in heels, in the heat, 10 minutes for meeting!

Ok, let's rewind. After a days work in the studio, I headed to a meeting on a beautiful day with my styled outfit, manicured nails, and primed makeup. 1 mile before I needed to make my turn to my destination, my car died. Nothing. There was the brief inclination to burst into a deplorable stream of tears as I watched the cars whizz around me and dodge my little car after putting my hazards on. But a surprisingly sense of calm came upon me and I knew crying was not an option - I'd be loosing lashes and look at hot mess when I went in for my appointment and no one got no time for that. I WAS going to make that meeting come hell or a dead car.

After the realization that there was no sign of anyone willing to stop and help, I knew I needed to push my car out of harms way. So 6 inch heels and all - at this point there was nothing I could do about the perspiration - I got out, put my hands on the rear of the car and thought - KEEP CALM AND JUST PUSH! I pushed enough to get the vehicle moving and then had to scurry back, think Elle Woods kind of scurry, to the drivers seat to maneuver and straighten the steering wheel. Let's just say, I have never felt so thankful to have been working out and have some form of agility in heels!

To make a long story short, I made the meeting after by some miracle the car restarted and had enough power to get me the few miles I needed to get. I put foot and nothing was going stop me. Thank you for pressed MAC powder puffs and styled jackets to hide the summer and stress balls of perspiration. So lovely! But alas - the little car did have to be towed and is safely waiting to be seen by the mechanic. 

LL: Stopping for even 2 minutes to help someone in need changes the course of so many lives. So do the right thing, help those in need when possible . . . especially if they are in heels!

Monday, October 14, 2013


As you know from past posts, I've rediscovered the simple things in life, appreciating them gratefully in turn. And this weekend, it overflowed when my mum and I took a trip to the store to purchase our goodies and gifts to fill our Santa Shoebox Project list. 

It's so simple yet SO effective and to date, the project has already reached over and beyond their quota! You receive the name, age, and gender of a child (you can be specific to the age and gender if you wish) with a list of necessities | must haves to fill a shoebox. Naturally, you can continue to fill the box thereafter with additional items if you wish (you actually cannot help but to), that's just a small component of this small yet enormous token of giving.

I was shopping for a sweet little girl of 10 years, Khanya. I couldn't help but get into the holiday spirit (though it's only October). What truly struck a cord were the essential items on the list and the re-evaluation of the months ahead. The fact that toothpaste, a toothbrush, and soap (to name a few of the basics) would be far more important to Khanya than the the Disney Ariel watch I included in box, stopped me in the tracks. It made me wonder where the true spirit of the holidays has gone. How the season has become focused on how much one can spend (perhaps beyond our means and in turn create debt) with no thought or true desire, greed, and all emotion being diminished.

This holiday season will be a very different one for me - I miss Thanksgiving with my second "family" and friends, I may not see the man I love, and I'm in a third world country where people are in so much more need than myself or my fortunate family. But for the first time in years, I will be surrounded by my family and this year, time with loved ones and the capability of giving to those in need - will the greatest gift of all.

* Top photo via Santa Shoebox project Facebook page.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Earlier this week, I posted about feeling refreshed and inspired by trying something new. I was pleasantly surprised that even I was able to check more off the list that I thought - I wore pastels (lavender nail polish), I called instead of texting (in this particular case, instead of emailing so I'd say this one qualifies), I watched an old, favorite movie (it's not and oldie, but The Vow is still a goldie in my book), and I tried a new recipe. 

Aaaah, you smell that . . . it's the smell of the sense of accomplishment and a vegan gluten free pizza which I made this week! It was just delicious! I used a new gluten-free self rising flour and made the dough from scratch. I even impressed myself.

The week is not over, the weekend is here, and the time is now!

May you all have a scrumptious one.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


We all get stuck in a routine, I know I do. From my beautifying rituals (with my rows of cosmetics) to the way I fold my clothes (which I adore doing - I know, strange!) and prefer to prepare my food - we all find comfort in these small customs. But I thrive on change and enjoy challenges which keep things - even the small things - a little more interesting.

So this week . . .

* Try a new recipe
* Take a picture of a sunrise or sunset
* Wear pastels
* Call instead of text
* Make time to watch an old, favorite movie
* Try and new shade of lipstick
* Treat yourself
* Surprise someone

Feel refreshed and inspired for change.

Monday, October 7, 2013

I AM 31 . . .

After reading this article, and instantly relating besides a few points, I sat back and thought about where I am right now in my life. How I am creating my own path, with my own strong view points, and how I am viewed for these.

After scribbling down some key notes, I opened a floodgate of honesty and perhaps some feelings which have been existent, but sitting beneath the surface. But it also brought great appreciation and perspective for things I have achieved and the life I live so happily.

So let's get to it shall we . . .

I am 31... Unmarried and childless. But I have an AMAZING partner in crime (remember this guy) and am able to pick up and go whenever we | I please.
I am 31... And do not own a home. I actually don’t have the desire to, to be honest. I feel my money needs to be enjoyed and employed in so many other regards. I am a little bit of a nomad and don’t want to be tied down to such a large physical investment.
I am 31... With a thriving company and with an exploration of additional components. Though I enjoy an office environment, I love the flexibility I have with making my own schedule and seeing the fruits of my own labor, hard work and long hours, come to life.
I am 31... And am a workaholic with a healthy dose of OCD and proud of it.
I am 31... Handling a recent and diminutive form of anxiety which has emerged over the past recent years.
I am 31... With a new found love for adventure. I’d rather pick up my snowboard and boots than go shoe shopping!
I am 31... And am a proud Vegan.
I am 31... And have Celiac Disease. Though some days are tough, I refuse to let it control my life (sometimes this is not avoidable) or let it get the best of me.
I am 31... Holding onto my childhood dreams that I will be famous one day.
I am 31... And have a great new appreciation for my body. It's not perfect, but I'm alright with that and I’ve realized that no matter how old we get, we can still be in the shape we would prefer to be in.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


As winter comes to a close, I’m starting to go out of my way to find those details that are saturated in neon's, accessories that scream “road trip!” and anything that reminds and prepares me for the warm months ahead.

These key rings from Atwater Village-based artist Karen Kimmel, have all the summer vibes I'm looking for and I’m sooooo tempted to scoop them all up. Karen combines colorful thread, rope and metal for each key ring and they come in a range of color options from cool neutrals to bright purples and oranges  


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OCTOBER FEST for your ears

Aaaah, you smell that - it's the smell of new adventure and a new month. Welcome October! I am missing one of my favorite times of the year back in Virginia (the Fall), but I cannot wait to switch my wardrobe and put away the winter clothes I've had to wear 2 seasons in a row! I left winter only to arrive in winter and now  - SUMMER is upon me! Self sun-tanner is already in the mix (even though I am still a shade whiter than Snow White herself) and with my fun recent local purchases over the weekend, I am SO READY!

Here's An October Fest . . . for your listening pleasure. Just a click of the play button and you're set - easy as a summer pie!

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Monday, September 30, 2013


You know those Mondays when you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything that may come your way? Well, it's one of those Monday's for me! 

What a terrific weekend! For the first time in months, I felt I was able to rest and truly have a weekend. Granted, I did work for a few hours but I was able to spend time with my family, do some inspiring retail therapy (see below for more), lie in for an extra hour, and sip my coffee slowly while watching the morning transpire.

Going to a mall and shopping for me is stressful in general. My anxiety heightens and I feel it's a robotic process which we have all fallen into. It's so false and pretentious. We no longer have connections with shop owners or have access to beautifully made pieces which were constructed with love and care. I therefore savor my little cash bank and when the time is right, I make my way to select stores, in non-peak hour times and hope to have a pleasant experience. So it was with great delight when my mum and I came to encounter wonderful shop owners who took their time to speak with us and give us their undivided attention. And with every store, I gravitated toward bold, graphical pieces which were screaming to me and exhilarated my creative senses. From greeting cards (Typo never let's me down) to fabrics (I was very adventurous with my purchases), I could not wait to start my work day and pull from the weekend's inspiration.

My FAVORITE find of all was a gorgeous little store called The Space. It's a "breath of art" and offers a unique arena for local South African designers. The pieces were so fresh and I found 2 blouses which I am in love with. The shop assistant | owner (a designer himself) was one of the nicest people I have met and we shared stories about his Mauritian decent and the suburb we discovered we all reside in. It was his unhurried presence and time he spent with us which made the experience so much better.

So today, take time for others and yourself. Look around and be inspired by the world and your local community. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

LET'S GET APPY - App Happy that is!

As of now, I have 9 apps on my phone which allow for either photo editing or an alternative way of taking photos. A little ridiculous right? However, this avid photo taker | editor is not ashamed. Photo's are my life. They take me back to moments, places, and times with the precious people in my life. So if I come across a way to make it all even more beautiful, I'll take it. Here's sharing 2 apps with you which I have been using extensively and adore.

I've been reading and following The Fresh Exchange Blog for quite some time and was deeply inspired by their blog writings and photos of their recent visit to Cape Town. During their visit, they collaborated with Over to design an app in a day and launched Cape Town Love last week "for visitors and Capetonians to more deeply engage with major sights and other Cape Town moments." You can read all about it here. It's free too!

I came across the Rhonna Designs Blog by absolute chance and was immediately drawn to the quirkiness and uplifting approach of it. I was SO thrilled when Rhonna launched the Rhonna Designs Photo Editing App which continues to evolve and update with beautiful new tools. There are so many features and options and you most definitely get you $1.99 values worth! Find out more here.

Happy Apping!