Monday, November 18, 2013


So many things, people, moments come and go in and out of our lives. Some may leave us physically, but they leave an imprint in our hearts and memories. Others stay for longer than others, but each and every one, no matter the duration, comes for a reason. To teach, to help us grow, cry, dream, and yearn. Some break our hearts, some make it flourish with light and joy. These ever changing tides of our lives are what make us, us. Strengthening us with every wave even if we are unsure of it at the time.

With the moments and people I have been so fortunate to make and encounter, there's been much heart ache too. Lovers, friends, family . . . lost. Some forgotten for a reason but others always at the back of mind and never escaping my thoughts. 

It's truly amazing how the ebbs and flows of our lives can bring so much, yet take so much away. But also, how we take the present for granted. It can all be gone, in the blink of an eye.

Love those close to you with everything you have, tell them that you love them. Smile at strangers, be kind and be aware that life is short and we need to take every moment, everyday and make it count.

Hold Onto the Good Things and be Thankful for them Everyday.