Sunday, November 3, 2013

NOVEMBER Nolgastic

It's November - already! It went by without even a hint of settling and I cannot believe the changes and revelations it brought with it. 

As the weather warms here and the people of Cape Town come out of their winter burrows, I'll be taking in the beauty and vibe of the city and hopefully the beach! Even though there won't be a white Christmas here, I cannot wait to be sipping cocktails on the beach frount watching the sunset over Robben Island as Santa Claus passes by selling ice cream or African curios.

On the job frount, I have ended a propitious and influential contract with a stationery company only to land an amazing position with another which I start today! I cannot wait to shed some light with you later in the week on what, where, and how I do what I do.

But to get you week going, here's Novembers mix for your listening pleasure. A little bit of everything. Press play and you're good to go.

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