Sunday, November 10, 2013

And Today you shall wear . . .

 You know those mornings when the coffee seems to take longer to brew, you cannot match your cat-eye liner, you "have nothing to wear," or before you know if you had to be out the door 10 minutes ago? And in turn, you wore a sweater and it'll be a sweltering hot day as you forgot to check the weather.

When I first heard about Forecast My Fashion, I had a - why on earth did I not think of that - moment but was thrilled with the genius of it! This Cape Town (hopefully soon to be available in other cities) based company "is your one stop daily personal stylist assisting you to dress stylishly, efficiently and appropriate to the weather conditions for the weather forecasted for that day." 

A daily post, on their Facebook Page and website, provides you with a graphic indicating a full outfit with accessories as well as the weather details for the day - GENIUS! And to make it even better, the price and store details are listed for each piece - ALL PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!

You're welcome! Happy Monday.