Friday, November 1, 2013


I love Halloween - love love loooove it! It's the build up, the gaudy decor, and let's not forget the opportunity to be anything, or anyone you like! Build this whole persona for just one day, or for us adults, one night and just feel free to be or do anything - because you're in character of course!

My past few Halloweens have been so much fun and spent with special friends. Aaaah, memories. But then it hit me yesterday morning while working out, that this Halloween, was well, not Halloween. There are no decorations in peoples yards, or pop-up costume stores, or days of creepy (and strong) jello shots | costume prep. There are no leaves on the ground or early Fall  sunsets. It's just another day in Africa. Back in the box you go Dark Alice. It really is quite silly that all these holidays are getting me down, but it's all part of a transition that is taking time but taken without those who would usually be there to guide me along the way. And it is only Halloween after all.

But, on the brighter side of all this - it's been a terrific week with many new changes and good news! But I will leave you hanging for the weekend, because I can! 

Have a beautiful weekend.