Thursday, November 7, 2013


As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I started a new job this week . . . 

With a few freelance graphic design stints behind me since my return to South Africa, I was able to get a grasp as to the local industry, it's people, and which niche I wanted to pursue - that's a flexibility which does not come knocking at ones door everyday. And with this, I was watching people getting burned out, complain about their positions or just not have a drive for their jobs anymore.
 And there it was, my angelic-clouds parting in the sky-aaaaaaah moment. I made up my mind that I truly had think about what I really wanted to do. And I was in the perfect position to do so. The timing was perfect. I focused on where my creative passion lies, what I expected from my daily career and those around me, as well as the path I was willing to take to be happy. I am exceptionally fortunate that my job entails making beautiful things everyday and bringing visions to life, but I wanted to make sure I was happy and satisfied while doing it.
 And by absolute fate, I stumbled across the job opening I had been hoping for . . . And landed my dream position out of the ocean of 300 applicants! A job that was more than just a job. An opportunity to challenge myself and create detailed and heavily thought out designs with delicate details that only the trained and intricate eye can see - the designs I thrive on!

So now, I work in the most beautiful studio, the photo's don't do it any justice, which exudes a hub of quality, creativity, warmth and devotion. Devotion to all areas of the couture stationery industry which is evident through and through in all pieces. My colleagues are strong and gifted woman who all shine a light of their own inspired flair. You cannot help but be energized by the people and the surroundings.

Could it get any better? Oh yes - it can! One of my "must haves" in my new career hunt was that I refused to sit in traffic! After a few months of being in the car for nearly 3 hours a day, I was adamant that it was not going to become the normal. There's so much more to life than the rat race and I couldn't bear to waste those precious hours in my day. My new daily commute to and from work provides me with magnificent views of the local wine valley between the hustle and bustle of the 2 areas I travel between . . . with minimal traffic. I already feel the difference - refreshed arriving in the office and relieved when departing that I don't have miles of traffic ahead. #winningbigtime

I truly feel so incredible lucky . . . my little locket has been filled with luck and hope which I am so grateful for. But I know I've worked incredibly hard for it all and cannot wait to continue to work even harder for the opportunities ahead. 

Don't let any chances pass you by when you know they will change your life and bring you happiness . . . even if you have to compromise a little.

Happy Weekend!