Tuesday, February 24, 2015


One evening I had to dig deep into the depth of my closet after being asked to provide a few alternatives for a photo shoot (um, yes!) we were putting together for work. Many of these gorgeous pieces I have accumulated from my travels and over the years however they never truly see the light of day (please don't judge me!) – out of pure self criticism or never quite the right occasion.

But as I started to pull these pieces, I had a moment – an enlightening one. The realization at what a completely different person I was when each of these pieces came into my life. How these items were not just a piece of clothing, but a personification as to the person I was at that time and this representation scared me a little. In the past, I felt I was nothing without those pieces. Perhaps it was the location I was in at the time . . . that what I wore presented a social status. But more than anything within in the ah-ha moment,  I loved the fact that I am no longer that person. Even with the memories and sentimental value they present, the clothes truly are no longer me.

I will continue to enjoy their beauty and creation (and I cannot bear to rid them due to their prettiness and all) but I refuse to allow them, or others, to make a judge of my character merely but what I am wearing.

Here's to becoming so much more.

Friday, February 13, 2015


I came across this inspiring quote and felt it spoke volumes. It instantly ignited something inside me and reminded me that my unique journey is my own adventure which I hope to continue more than ever with gust and sparkle and fire and above all, passion.

Here's to our own adventures and the magnificent sense of belonging.

Monday, February 9, 2015

As the Summer Cools

As I feel the winter air and light slowly creep in, I cannot help but think about these last few months of summer - especially those in this year of the new. It's treated my very well. I won't lie, there have certainly been moments of struggle but ones I feel have only enlightened and strengthened me.

I've taken many chances with beautiful outcomes and have so many more I wish to take on. I've continued to connect with sparkling souls and have opened myself up to others whom I never imagined I would. Aaah, the warmth and love you feel from this. Priceless.

However, I continue to take the "you only live once" philosophy by the horns as I am always reminded that life is indeed too short and unpredictable. I love the unpredictability of it, but one can never be quite sure of the duration. Take those chances and light bulb moments, sans the literal light bulb, as a sign that the winter and summer winds are ready to take it and make it.