Tuesday, February 24, 2015


One evening I had to dig deep into the depth of my closet after being asked to provide a few alternatives for a photo shoot (um, yes!) we were putting together for work. Many of these gorgeous pieces I have accumulated from my travels and over the years however they never truly see the light of day (please don't judge me!) – out of pure self criticism or never quite the right occasion.

But as I started to pull these pieces, I had a moment – an enlightening one. The realization at what a completely different person I was when each of these pieces came into my life. How these items were not just a piece of clothing, but a personification as to the person I was at that time and this representation scared me a little. In the past, I felt I was nothing without those pieces. Perhaps it was the location I was in at the time . . . that what I wore presented a social status. But more than anything within in the ah-ha moment,  I loved the fact that I am no longer that person. Even with the memories and sentimental value they present, the clothes truly are no longer me.

I will continue to enjoy their beauty and creation (and I cannot bear to rid them due to their prettiness and all) but I refuse to allow them, or others, to make a judge of my character merely but what I am wearing.

Here's to becoming so much more.