Tuesday, October 28, 2014


We never know where life is going to take us. Life works in unexpected yet brilliant ways.Perhaps you’re in a position which you never envisioned yourself to be, maybe not what you wanted. Or perhaps you’re in a surprising space.

Ultimately, amidst the good and bad, when you truly look back and think of all you’ve done . . . the people you’ve met, the milestones you’ve made, the travels you’ve done . . . there's a realisation that not only has it gone by so quickly – but’s it so fulfilling to know you’ve made your own story; told or untold. 

You existed, you did something. But more importantly to realise that it doesn’t just stop in the past. It’s a continuous journey of making more happen.

Make new journeys everyday

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I’m currently feeling very sentimental. Finding myself moving a little out of my comfort zone and sharing or expressing emotions open and freely. I even found myself asking the already-over-hugger ladies at work for a morning squeeze . . . only then to be told all they can feel is muscle and rock hard breasts. I’ll take it – THANK YOU BBB PROJECT!

I don’t know if it’s the time of year or the current mayhem we are all experiencing, but I’m liking this expressive nature which has come out of it’s dormant hiding. There have been many local and world events which have solidified the fact as to how short our lives are, how precious our time is, and how valuable the ones in our lives are.

So don’t forget – and I’m going to whip you with a cliché here – life it short. 
Treasure every moment. 
Take chances. 
Tell someone you care for them or love them. 
Or how much a moment shared with them means to you. 

Be yourself and remember, cliché #2 coming your way – you only live once.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


You know when you have this hunch that good things are going to happen? You don't exactly know what, but it's a little feeling that sits neatly in your core and makes you smile more, giggle more, whistle more, sing more. 

There's something beautiful about having something to look forward to even if you don't know what it may be. That positive beam that shines bright.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

LAUGHTER between friends

After what seemed like an endless, yet highly productive, Monday - I headed to the beach front for an evening run. The mountain, the sun setting behind Robben Island and the waves crashing in the high tide . . . it was the perfect way to end a work day!

As I made my way back from my half point, I embraced the buzz of people watching the sunset and noticed the reflecting beautiful hues of oranges and pinks on their skin. But one couple made me smile for at least a mile or two as I caught a glimpse of them sharing a laugh. One of those laughs that leaves your belly hurting and cheeks burning. That real laughter. You know those? I wanted to know what was shared as they looked into each others eyes and laughed. But then the moment wouldn't be so special.

Aaah, I think back to those moments and they begin to mound up and fill me with so many belly hurting cheek burning memories.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


With summer approaching, there's new fresh fun music, clothing, colors and scents in the air. I'm feeling vibrant and glowy with the warm days. Here's a few discoveries to get my summer started.

I've loved these ladies from the moment I saw them live in Bristol at the Gentleman of the Road festival. They've got a unique sound and are just dam well talented. And their new album, Days are Gone, has been on repeat on my iPod over the past week. Loving Don't Save Me and If I Could Change Your Mind.

This hairspray keeps all it's promises and keeps my hair in tact all day. So love the funky packaging as well as the super sassy raspberry and vanilla scent.

Woolworths got this one right with their recently award winning  "Love Your Skin" range. Since my return to SA, I've used the Dry Oil Spray and keep it well stocked in my cosmetic closet. And with summer here, it's been a moisture life saver and leaves a beautiful summer glow for the evenings.

Friday, October 3, 2014

BBB Project: UPDATE #3

The BBB Project took for an interesting turn over the past few weeks. This bit*h is blonde again (thanks to the lethal doses of bleach), I removed myself from the weight-loss challenge (and ironically have now started loosing weight) and found an eating plan which finally ensures I’m no longer eating like a crazy cave woman.

I think I felt rushed and pressured with a short window to loose the goal amount and was nervous as to the consequences after the challenge. Due to my work schedule it was becoming difficult to follow my PT routine so I had to shift things around a little to ensure I was staying fit and keeping on track. And as the days progressed, it all fell into place and the results became more than apparent. So apparent that we had to literally add an additional hole to my belt to ensure my now a little looser skinnes would stay, well, on! So good things and good progress.

The weekly SHIFT class continues to challenge my fitness and just last week, one of the regulars commented and applauded the progress I’ve made in the 20kg 12m dash challenge. And he was right – I’m up 4 laps and feel less prone to throw up after each round. And I then WIN and beat (by 2 laps) the men in the weekly challenge! Now that's progress and motivation #winning

Keep going as the sweat and tears are more than worth it.