Friday, October 3, 2014

BBB Project: UPDATE #3

The BBB Project took for an interesting turn over the past few weeks. This bit*h is blonde again (thanks to the lethal doses of bleach), I removed myself from the weight-loss challenge (and ironically have now started loosing weight) and found an eating plan which finally ensures I’m no longer eating like a crazy cave woman.

I think I felt rushed and pressured with a short window to loose the goal amount and was nervous as to the consequences after the challenge. Due to my work schedule it was becoming difficult to follow my PT routine so I had to shift things around a little to ensure I was staying fit and keeping on track. And as the days progressed, it all fell into place and the results became more than apparent. So apparent that we had to literally add an additional hole to my belt to ensure my now a little looser skinnes would stay, well, on! So good things and good progress.

The weekly SHIFT class continues to challenge my fitness and just last week, one of the regulars commented and applauded the progress I’ve made in the 20kg 12m dash challenge. And he was right – I’m up 4 laps and feel less prone to throw up after each round. And I then WIN and beat (by 2 laps) the men in the weekly challenge! Now that's progress and motivation #winning

Keep going as the sweat and tears are more than worth it.