Monday, September 29, 2014


Working on what started off as a dreary and drizzly Saturday, my creativity took an uninhibited beautiful turn as I sat in the studio alone with only the sounds of my clicking mouse and Ryan Bingham playing in the background. There no disruptions when I'm there alone. It’s just me, my artwork and the ability to openly create.

And then, whilst taking a breather, I accidentally stumbled across Charmaine Olivia, a San Francisco based model slash artist (the inserted slash for dramatic appeal) who has taken creativity to an insanely different level. Her  application to her art and life instantly made me want to become an entirely different creative being. From her look to her persona to her art to everything (seems a little girl-cru shish but let’s just go with it). It’s all just magnificent.

Her free spirit ignited that fire which is already within myself and immediately I wanted to work in high wasted beautiful French lingerie and wear fake deer antlers and work in a large sunny loft and and and. 

It’s about finding that small spark of inspiration from people and things around us. Finding them at a time when you least expect it but really need it.