Wednesday, October 8, 2014

LAUGHTER between friends

After what seemed like an endless, yet highly productive, Monday - I headed to the beach front for an evening run. The mountain, the sun setting behind Robben Island and the waves crashing in the high tide . . . it was the perfect way to end a work day!

As I made my way back from my half point, I embraced the buzz of people watching the sunset and noticed the reflecting beautiful hues of oranges and pinks on their skin. But one couple made me smile for at least a mile or two as I caught a glimpse of them sharing a laugh. One of those laughs that leaves your belly hurting and cheeks burning. That real laughter. You know those? I wanted to know what was shared as they looked into each others eyes and laughed. But then the moment wouldn't be so special.

Aaah, I think back to those moments and they begin to mound up and fill me with so many belly hurting cheek burning memories.