Monday, October 28, 2013

GUTTED . . . Literally!

What a weekend! My oh my. Mine started with the last strains of being ill and the unfortunate realization that being down for the count for nearly 2 weeks and only having the capability to make 1 visit to the gym, has been dreadfully unforgiving. Like that moment when Cinderella realized she wouldn't make it to the ball. And I am gutted that after weeks of muscle building-body toning progress, I am now left with what feels like a literal gut in areas I don't wish to have.

So after throwing multiple pity parties about being in pain, ill, and now a little loose around the edges; I took the weekend to draw in all the inspiration I could get and grasped as many positive attitudes and encounters I could get my hands on. From dazzling summer beach runs, beams of sunshine, time with family, deep and personal documentaries (one of them being this beautiful film by BeyoncĂ©), health blog | page readings, and  conversations with discovered souls - it all came together to give me the aaaha angels in the sky moment I desired so very desperately.
I gratefully concluded that I'm in a great urgency of refocusing my energy on what my body and mind need to be healthy again and to get back on track. Included in this, and for health reasons, I've made the difficult choice to revisit meat into my diet but only buying and consuming mindful, organic, farm | grass fed products. After an adventerous trip to the market, I left with a cart full of fresh, organic, free range goodies and stocked up my fridge and steamer. I'm now ready to get back on my band wagon!

It may seem so insignificant - 2 weeks, really, what can that do? For me personally, it seems like an enormous set back. And somehow I just lost track of what was important for me, my soul, and body. And now, I need to re-rail myself. Selfish - nah, I think we all deserve the right put ourselves first at times. Especially when we feel a piece of individuality has gone missing.

So here's to inspiration, new beginnings, today's and exciting tomorrow's! Here's to taking time for ourselves and molding our inner fire.