Friday, October 18, 2013


Yes, I'm going to go there ... I'm going to hop on the Miley Cyrus crazy train and wave out the open windows singing "We Can't Stop"(this version) at top volume with no shame.

Initially, I was just as gob smacked as the rest of the world with the "new" Miley and wondered where it was going. But the more she began to pop up in the media, the more I began to somewhat appreciate where she was going with it all. And how incredibly talented and adept she is, especially for her age. She has achieved what many artists cannot - she's captured and kept our attention. Keeping us talking and knowing more about twerking than the details of current news affairs. And ever noticed how with every performance she has done recently, it's has been live and almost flawless. She's definitely onto something here.

Her recent appearance on Ellen is what truly won me over. She was likable and honest. She was herself. And though there may be some recent displays where she's not emerging to be the best role model, she's still giving a positive message that being yourself and finding that comfort is where happiness lies. I adored her thoughts on how she is learning and discovering more about those close to her. Valuing their interests. She recently asked them the give her lists of their favorite books, movies, and music as these personal likes are how we find out a deeper side to those closest to us. I loved this and wanted to stand up and applaud her for it.

Who would've thought Miley would be teaching us a thing or two! We cannot forget that she's had to grow and evolve as we all do but in-front of the world. 

LL: Let's discover more about those near and dear to us as well as ourselves.

Photo via Elle UK