Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Over the past few days I have been down with the seasonal cold, trying to balance work, rest, and some form of a social life. With the additional time on my hands, my mind has begun to wonder. It immediately goes to those I miss so dearly but most recently, to the memories of my childhood. Having my family so near and spending so much time with my brother, we share and remember moments everyday. My brother remembers everything, and I mean everything. I don't know how he does it. Either he's a spawn of Einstein or I am just getting very old! He remembers each minuscule detail and we've nearly wet our pants with laughter at some of the stories. Some have been returned to the back of my mind as they remind what a dreadful big sister I was at times!

It then came to no surprise when I stumbled across the photo in this post (via WEZC) that even more memories flooded. How that little girl embodied everything of the little girl I was. Determined and living in her own chimera world, preferably by a swimming pool or under my grandfathers willow tree with my tea set and fairy "friends." Growing up in a middle class family, we had our struggles, but we were always surrounded by family, friends, and highly influential and affecting role models.

Remember how simple life was. How we could entertain ourselves for hours playing in the dirt, finding snails, or setting up our own grocery store with a few boxes and chairs. Where did we lose that extraordinary simplistic imagination but where along the way did the children of today loose it? I take my hat off to any parent of the now as life for children, is not as I or the generations before me knew it. It's challenging.

Let's make for better and beautiful memories for the children of today. Taking them almost back in time, back in the dirt, and back to imaginative and unicorn filled memories.