Wednesday, October 16, 2013

KEEP CALM and just push!

Don't worry, there are no child labor stories or even the potential of here. But a few days ago, I had a moment when this came to be for a brief second and I had to indeed push . . . a car, in heels, in the heat, 10 minutes for meeting!

Ok, let's rewind. After a days work in the studio, I headed to a meeting on a beautiful day with my styled outfit, manicured nails, and primed makeup. 1 mile before I needed to make my turn to my destination, my car died. Nothing. There was the brief inclination to burst into a deplorable stream of tears as I watched the cars whizz around me and dodge my little car after putting my hazards on. But a surprisingly sense of calm came upon me and I knew crying was not an option - I'd be loosing lashes and look at hot mess when I went in for my appointment and no one got no time for that. I WAS going to make that meeting come hell or a dead car.

After the realization that there was no sign of anyone willing to stop and help, I knew I needed to push my car out of harms way. So 6 inch heels and all - at this point there was nothing I could do about the perspiration - I got out, put my hands on the rear of the car and thought - KEEP CALM AND JUST PUSH! I pushed enough to get the vehicle moving and then had to scurry back, think Elle Woods kind of scurry, to the drivers seat to maneuver and straighten the steering wheel. Let's just say, I have never felt so thankful to have been working out and have some form of agility in heels!

To make a long story short, I made the meeting after by some miracle the car restarted and had enough power to get me the few miles I needed to get. I put foot and nothing was going stop me. Thank you for pressed MAC powder puffs and styled jackets to hide the summer and stress balls of perspiration. So lovely! But alas - the little car did have to be towed and is safely waiting to be seen by the mechanic. 

LL: Stopping for even 2 minutes to help someone in need changes the course of so many lives. So do the right thing, help those in need when possible . . . especially if they are in heels!