Thursday, October 10, 2013


Earlier this week, I posted about feeling refreshed and inspired by trying something new. I was pleasantly surprised that even I was able to check more off the list that I thought - I wore pastels (lavender nail polish), I called instead of texting (in this particular case, instead of emailing so I'd say this one qualifies), I watched an old, favorite movie (it's not and oldie, but The Vow is still a goldie in my book), and I tried a new recipe. 

Aaaah, you smell that . . . it's the smell of the sense of accomplishment and a vegan gluten free pizza which I made this week! It was just delicious! I used a new gluten-free self rising flour and made the dough from scratch. I even impressed myself.

The week is not over, the weekend is here, and the time is now!

May you all have a scrumptious one.