Monday, December 9, 2013

Silly Season Seriousness

You're smiling aren't you? Smiling at how dam funny and BRILLIANT this gem of a holiday ornament is! I thought I was going to literally pee in my pants when I saw this pop up on my Facebook feed. The genius of it is priceless but it triggers thoughts as to how much better the festive season could be if we didn't take it quite so seriously.

Yes, for many it's a deep religious family time, which I respect, but for the majority; just one whirlwind of silliness. And remember this post, a time we forget what it's truly all about. 

I am the first one to admit I can allow myself to get very wrapped up (yes, pun intended) in the season - my tree is usually up before Thanksgiving dinner is even being put in the oven, my apartment comes alive with copper and dusty gold ornaments with flickers of Tinkerbell here and there, and I'm putting thought and time on designing holiday cards and decor for the special day.  And this is tame, very tame, compared to many I know. It's as if the holidays take a small piece of our sanity and let it run wild and free for 25 days.

This festive season, I'm taming the wrecking ball - for my own sanity! It's been a very long year and I feel my efforts need to be exhausted (and tamed) elsewhere. So please excuse me as I write a few less cards this year, keep my holiday jewels in their boxes (all the way in the USA so that is a pretty legitimate "excuse") and sit with a glass of wine, family, friends, and a good meal sans the silly season seriousness.

Have fun these holidays - really down right "we laughed so hard our stomachs pained for days" kind of fun and take in the special and small moments with loved ones as those are the priceless gifts which make the time together momentous.

Let's watch the SSS begin and chuckle!

Thank you to Drew Sitze (the brains behind the ornament creation), a partner of Sweet Savannah Style for allowing the use of the featured photo.