Sunday, December 15, 2013

LALA Kahle Madiba

It's been an emotional week for South Africans and the world. A week of celebrations, mourning and remembrance. The week where, Nelson Mandela - Madiba - Tata - passed on.

One can never prepare themselves for the emotions and sadness which takes over for the loss of someone so great. You never sense you will feel the rawness, and when you do - it's overwhelming. He was a man that even if you never had the privilege of being in his presence, there was a sensibility that you knew him.

As with others of our time, I had the honor of living in the same era of a man who has shown our country and the world the most immaculate humilty, grace, and greatness. Against all odds and over 20 years in prison, he showed us that no fight can ever be lost. That standing up for all you believe in can change the world. The change that brought all South Africans together and made us proud. Proud that with him, we overcame all odds to have equality for all.
With each mile stone he made, I had the privilege to witness and gain from them.  And now hoping that we will hold true to his legacy, dream and keep his fight and hope alive.

And as I watch his body being laid to rest, I am proud to say he was the president and father of my country and that in my eyes, he will always be the greatest man who ever lived with his long walk to freedom coming to an end but continuing for us.

We will never forget Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. LALA Kahle Madiba.