Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bearings - FOUND!

Well there it went - the holiday rush took it's toll and then just dissipated with a glittery trail of shoppers guilt and a large festive season gut. It's without fail that each year I wonder how we put so much energy into the holidays and then within a day, it's all gone. And I felt with all the pandemonium, I just couldn't seem to get my bearings straight. From simple tasks - keeping up with laundry to making time for the gym and the inevitable shopping gift list. It just all seemed too much this year.

As I had mentioned in this post, I was keeping it cool and low key these holidays. I was so relieved I did. I had to focus on not having an emotional crocodile tears breakdown due to the distance from my incredible boyfriend or dear dear friends, and distracted myself with family time and work. In the end, we truly had so much fun. We had the  "laughed so hard our stomachs pained for days" kind of fun all through Christmas day amongst the deep conversations, obnoxious amount of food (I feel like I've stored enough in my reserves to last all through 2014) and a fair amount of good wine. Now with it all over, I finally feel a sense or normality settling in and my bearings have been found again.

As we end the festivities with the approaching (and sometimes daunting) New Years Eve, I am continuing my "taming the wrecking ball" trend and have decided to do absolutely NOTHING for the big evening. I plan to watch movies (already recorded on my PVR #totesprepared) on the couch, in sweatpants, sans makeup, with a few glasses of good wine and a FaceTime date with my man. This year I'm too anxious to be on the road (the DUI laws in South Africa are almost non existent so there is little respect for drinking under the influence), I'm exhausted, and I'd love to call in the new year without a hangover or a blurred lines memory! Here's to approaching the new year with positive vibes. Make the last days count.

Believe, Feel, Love, Be, Create, Inspire.

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