Wednesday, August 7, 2013


"Do your sunglasses really say CRAP on them" - it's become a weekly question | conversation I have with either a friend or complete stranger. 

Yes, 6 pairs in fact of my sunglasses say CRAP on them and I'm very proud to say I wear CRAP on my face! (I thank my dear friend Sara for that - you will "meet" her soon).

This open obsession began after some research on the fabulous sunnies Lil Wayne (open obsession #2) continuously wore in his music videos. And BHAM, I discovered CRAP Eyewear, an independent sunglass brand from California.

From the website & quirky advertising, to the packaging (open obsession #3), and the quality of these fun glasses, it's a product I continue to stand by and purchase - they are far from CRAP!

Have a CRAPPY day now!