Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BE MINE - These, This & That

I like to think that I live a life with simplicity and less material items than I have in the years past. But with the many industries I indulge myself in, there are times I just cannot help but want, want, want (Said in the sweetest most un-greedy, un-spoiled sounding way possible). Here are some fancy new things I have recently come across and would love to call mine! If my memory serves me correct, there's somewhat of a large festive season coming up. Just saying!

1. I love everything about this Billabong Spring Suit! 

2. And this one too! Just so I can own it, I'll be attempting the waves! 

3. If these come to fruition (it's on the rumor | concept train right now), I will be the happiest woman alive.

4. BE MINE -That's all! Dear Rae Oval Ring.

5. Been obsessed with these Puma Ultra Flou trainers since seeing them on The Freckled Italian. 

6. Do I bake - nope. Do I eat pies - nope. But, I'd love to get me one of these cute, quirky & nifty little boxes from Provisions by Food 52.