Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TUESDAYS HONESTY - Unusual & Powerful Woman

I'll be honest with you, I struggled to find encouragement for today's honesty post. Ironically, it came this morning - BHAM - whilst scrolling through my pages feeds on the FB (my morning ritual which inspires me for the day ahead) whilst sipping on my strong (and greatly needed) soy latte . . . I finally had it! Almost like seeing the light!

The images before me represented a variety of beautiful woman who individually radiate power, strength and originality. They all fall far (VERY far) from the cookie-cutter radar and they all embody the same common denominator - they're unusual. And in some way or another, I feel I relate to them.

Through all this, I realized (and will be upfront about it), that I often feel judged and misunderstood. Be it the fact that I have tattoos, that I enjoy | thrive in my boyish baggy snowboarding clothing, to not confirming to society's expectations, to wanting the next big adventure, to being a creative dreamer with odd ideas & ideals, or to thinking completely out the box. I've become used to the judgement, the remarks or the large questions which sometimes I cannot even answer.

But what I am so sure of, is that I am quite content to be unusual and oddly different. That as a female, I will always be judged and have someone more powerful, beautiful or better than myself. And in turn, this has made me want to push forward with more action. Everyday on my own crusade to conquer the world!

But being ourselves, especially as woman (in the most un-preachy tone possible) and having our imperfections makes us who we are - strong, powerful, unusual and beautiful.

Let's embrace and exude it with grace (or awkwardly if that's how prefer to do it!).