Monday, August 12, 2013


Why do we have to have “those” days. Those days where absolutely nothing seems to make you feel as fabulous as you did the day before – and that day you didn’t even try! Some days I feel more chic than Coco Chanel and other days I feel like I’ve been dragged through the Jersey Shore on a “meatball night” with Snooki and Deena. 

Here’s a few things I do to beat the bad day (and most appropriate for today, Monday) blues:
#1. Lipgloss, mascara  & some fabulous falsies (false eyelashes that is) - Feel gawgeous in no time.
#2. I workout - I get fancy i.e. pull my hair back, and get my sweat on. Works every time.
#3. Wear some sassy shoes - Pretty shoes puts a little skip in the step.
#4. Put on some headphones & blast some good tunes - This goes  in very handy with #2!
#5. Drink fancy coffee - A strong frothy latte and a book – so sophisticated!
#6. Get my nails did - Ok, I do my own but I instantly feel put together!
#7. Go see a movie, alone - I feel so empowered about doing it on my own!
#8. Go through old photos - Memories with my favorite people
#9. Wash my hair - It’s like starting the day fresh and makes me feel polished – even in PJ’s!
#10. Jump on my snowboard and shred - Ok, might not be possible here, but it usually fixes everything!

Go out there and beat that off day! HAPPY MONDAY!