Friday, August 23, 2013


LL WARNING: Product Link Overload! But for your benefit!
I wish I could say I wasn't a product junkie, but alas - I am! From my rows of hair products, to towers of shower items, to my overflowing makeup draws . . . let's say I may just have a problem. But hey, at least its a smell good, soft skin, pretty makeup problem!

But what does become a problem is when either a product is discontinued, (little pet-peeve #1) or when you land up in a foreign country that carries the line but not the individual item, (little pet-peeve #2) or does not even stock the brand AT ALL (big pet-peeve #3).

Please, don't get me wrong, I love trying new brands and items (especially with fun pretty packaging) but I'm so loyal to the products that I've tried and tested which have remained loyal to me in return! 

So I had a "first world problem" encounter when my foundation, (MakeUpForever Mat Velvet) mascara, (Loreal Voluminous Original) eyeliner, (Loreal Lineur Intense) and eyeshadow (Too Faced Exotic Color in Copper Peony) all ran out at the same time (pretty big pet-peeve #4). To make matters even worse, I had no luck in my Google and multiple store hunt for these replacements. And I consider myself quite the hunter.

However, I was in much luck - I found replacements which I adore and just have to share. #winning. I will stay true to my MUF foundation till I get my grubby paws on it again, but this Smashbox Studio Skin has been delightful and my skin looks flawless. The mascara and eyeliner have been replaced by a brand which is new on my radar, Catrice, and thus far the All Round Mascara and Liquid Liner have done more than just a great job! And on a whim, I picked up this Sunset combo from Woolworths which has been surprisingly beautiful!

So happy shopping friends and may the product junkie bug be ever in your favor!