Sunday, June 29, 2014


This is one of the new segments I would like to introduce to the LL (remember I said I’d like to spice things up a little and keep you all on your toes . . . I tend to like to keep my promises!) Sharing “shut the frount door” new finds and things that I am currently just loving and cannot live without: why keep it a secret, that’s no fun! So each month I hope to showcase some key finds which make me say out loud, OMG, I just cannot live without this!

THE GRAND BUDDAHPEST HOTEL (Well, the influence of)
This movie, by the ever incredible and strange Wes Anderson, blew me away. It's a highly visual cinematic adventure which made me love pink all over again and planted a creative desire for permanent residency in the beautiful hotel and a need to keep the charatcers in my pocket as inspiring friends. A must see!

Ok, let me just state the fact that I am not a “game” person. Yes, I am VERY competitive, but when it comes to online | mobile | FB games, you can leave me out (and yes, I have denied every Farmville and Candy Crush request and will continue to do so) but when I came across DOTS to fill time when waiting at the salon, or a file to upload, or to look busy (ok, the latter doesn’t ever occur but I thought it had great impact) . . . I thought I’d died and gone to visual game heaven. Beware, it’s addictive and has a sister game Two Dots. Best thing is they are both free apps! You’re welcome.

Sometimes you just need a good laugh or an escape from reality - and this show gives me just that. I am addicted to these characters and their stories and their jokes and their crazy lives. Once I got past Zoey's obnoxious singing I fell in love with her whimsical character and feel somewhat a little more normal each time I watch an episode.#solovingit