Monday, May 12, 2014


Remember those years when you had goals for particular milestones in your life and that a piece of paper with numbers would tell you who you would marry, how many children you would have and if you’d live in an elaborate mansion or a dismal homestead? Or how in the early teens you had to indulge in where you’d be in 10 years and how the subjects you selected would impact your fate? Or even still, how we are motivated to see ourselves in 5, 10, 15 years time. 

And here I sit and think, yes: I definitely have goals and know undeniably what I want from life (even if just for the moment), but I cannot even think how tomorrow will be never mind 15 years to come! Is it just me or are we forgetting to live in the moment. Are we so fine-tuned to be big-planners and think ahead that we are forgetting to take a step back, or a brief moment, to just enjoy the now.  Perhaps forgetting that the right now means everything.

Saturday night I had a freespirited-dance-sing-laugh all night kind of evening. Taking in all the electric energy from the packed dance-floor at a low key dance club | bar. And though I only climbed into bed at 4am (and to wake at 8am) with aching feet (from my usual dancing and jumping in 6 inch heels) and a raspy voice (from singing, well wishing I could, the best 80’s hit around), I smile just thinking about the evening and wishing we were all still there. But I nearly missed it all . . . because as I sat in bed with a movie, 9:30 pm on a Saturday night, I was thinking so far ahead (ok, only as far ahead as the Sunday) that I felt a night out would ruin it.  But it didn’t – it made for an incredible memory, with incredible people and yes, a slight slap in the face that I’m getting too old for these late nights. I made my 11 am coffee and cake date with my mum and brother, worked out (without passing out), cleaned my entire apt, and made a delicious meal. All done with great exhaustion but with no regrets and with an enormous smile.

Live for the now. Say what you need to say to those around you. And be in the now.

Live a lovely now life.