Monday, May 19, 2014


Who would’ve thought my freespirited-dance-sing-laugh all night evening (from my Live a LOVELY POST) would spur a week of lunging into the true meaning of inner beauty and how I’m on the road of 'learning to love oneself for who you are' journey. 

You know how it goes – you have an evening out, take loads of pics, and wait in great anticipation (or dread) for the nights events to unravel by the uploaded photos on social media. Thinking, please oh please let them have used a good filter! Or is it just me? And I will openly admit that I can move faster than lightning in un-tagging “those” unedited-dam-I-look-awful photos – even if the room is spinning or I haven’t even had a wink of sleep. I just cannot bear to think I had a photo taken from the wrong angle or I’ve got my cheesy full mouth of teeth smile going on. 
So when the photos begun to load on my feed from that said night, I begun noticing a trend . . . they were all pure, unedited, and shone with the glory of the incredible night. And when I jokingly questioned these shockingly unedited photos with dear Jono, he simply put, “No deleting. Who cares what people think. We are all bearing the scars of living and having fun.” It hit home and made me truly think about how we, or I, are so consumed at what others may think even though that were not even there, in that special moment. How is it that we have become so obsessed with the exterior and placed such immense importance upon it.

And from this, I was inundated with inner beauty messages. Like this one, of a courageous cancer patient bride who wore her beauty in her radiance and confidence, or this brave woman who has reinvented how she perceives beauty and is putting forth a truly important message by starting the Body Image Movement.

These messages announced themselves dramatically and with them I moved into a new head-space and decided to take a plunge I’ve wanted to do for years . . . one which has resurfaced in many conversations over this week (A huge sign I guess!) between friends, work colleagues and even my personal trainer . . . and by chance – or fate – the opportunity appeared and I finally chopped off all my hair! It was easier than I thought . . . because I did it for me. I did it because I want my inner beauty to shine and my happiness to radiate without hiding behind a mop of multi coloured hair. 

Because no matter what I do or how I express myself, I am still the same woman . . .