Sunday, May 4, 2014


You know how we all joke “if these walls could talk” or “if people could read my mind” and in some small way are relieved that this is not possible. A sigh of, oh thank goodness! Because we’ve all had “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” moments! Aren’t they just the best. 

But as I put on my loyal black stiletto pumps for my Friday evening out, I smiled at all the years I’ve had them and the multitude of events and moments they’ve been there for and thought, if they could talk, they’d have plenty to say!

Weddings, dates, dinners, late nights dancing till the early morning, running on cobbled streets in the rain . . . They’d share the memories and the laughs and the tears and the beautiful moments. I think that’s why I cannot bear to rid of them. They’ve by some miracle lasted all these years (I splurged on them almost 7 years ago in a Los Angeles boutique) and are only now showing some signs of age (but nothing that a new heel or permanent marker cannot fix) and I think still have some umph to go with me and make some new memories.
But they do remind me of the many people I’ve lost along the way due to multiple circumstances. The memories I had with them in those shoes and that that’s all we have now. But people come and go, they remain in our lives for the amount of time they need to be and we part with the memories and lessons we need to keep. 

However, with new friends and new reminiscences, they – the pumps that is -  had a good time on Friday I can tell you that with a whole lot more to share!

Life, Lucky Moments, Memories.