Monday, April 21, 2014


It’s funny what age does. How we truly do evolve and find new meaning in things which we saw oh so differently years before. This anomalous reflection came to me whilst I was reading, in my car, waiting for an appointment I was tremendously early for.

Let’s first cover the basis of this scenario: I am reading more now than I ever have in all my life as A: I have chosen not to get a television B: I truly could not famine watching the awful content on it and C: Am frustrated with the slow streaming so I read and I love the escape it offers me.  And to wrap this basis up, I’m always early – it’s a habit I’ve continued to enhance the older I get and perhaps it calls for some waiting time which in turn has now become somewhat of reflection time. Or on an odd day sometimes, ok always, over thinking (remember, I’m the self proclaimed over-thinker). 
Ok, back to where I was getting to – when I first attempted to read Eat Pray Love when it hit the shelves in it’s heyday, I just couldn’t grasp it. I wondered what all the fuss was about. The movie however was inspiring and delightful and made me wish I’d loved the book as much, or had even been able to get past the first few chapters!
But as I picked it up again and gave it my second chance, I sit here with the words leaping out at me and I now get it. You see, the funny age thing. I feel an association with it; that in some way I’m living this free-spirited life which she tells us about.

And as I headed to Kalk Bay along the coast with Ursula and her vibrant family, I walked through the alleys and streets taking in all the magic the small village had to offer. From the authentic African craft scents and textures to the beautiful artistic prints & textiles to the warm coffee aromas from the sidewalk cafes . . . it’s as though reading her journey has made me take my own and open up my senses in overload.

So take it all inthe small stuff, the big extraordinaires. It’s all there under our noses.