Sunday, February 9, 2014

GUTTED . . . Pt.2

After getting over the festive season eating & drinking spree, I was hitting the gym with full force and felt on top of the world. But I’m either a hypochondriac, or old, or just worn down because that full sense of feeling “gutted” (This post, remember!) has returned with a vengeance. Weather it’s my recent back mishap (literally not being able to roll out of bed, yep, that kind of mishap) or blocked ear or lack of sleep; blah blah blah; I’m disappointed at my lack of commitment  & non-ability to be at the gym or having that purpose for being healthly. Wondering where that constant burst of energy, drive and enthusiasm went in 5 days. How a back and ear can switch everything 360’.

But then I realize I’m the only person to change this. The only person who can whip myself back on track and see that I cannot loose the focus and the “eye on the prize.” That I have not come this far for nothing and there is no way I will loose it all. Perhaps just a little step back, but so many steps forward.

Whilst I gravitate toward silly, lighthearted, shopaholic-esq (this does has relevance to the above I promise), Adam – with all his wisdom – plunges his thoughts into self improvement and knowledge saturated reference books; and his most current ironically is of self positive talk. How we should and can compact our thoughts on positive ego driven routes. Maybe a little egotistical but it makes sense. We think greatness (and we are all great and beautiful in our own way) to achieve greatness. As we are the only ones to prove how boundless we are in our own right. I’m not saying I’m going to get on my soap box and tell the world that I’m better than them. However, I’m going self improve myself internally and make it a reality. Almost to out prove the little negative talk inside.

So, take you inner positivity and let in shine. Shine in the best way you know how.