Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Making: time to rejuvenate my body and mind with a few extra hours of sleep every night – where possible!
Cooking: (and living) Vegan with generous dashes of Balsamic Reduction and Truffle Oil – mmmmm!
Drinking: h20, too much coffee and Rose Lemonade as a treat! It’s my new indulgence 
Reading: for the first time in years. Sophie Kinsella never disappoints.
Wanting: more than anything to have my man by my side and feel his warmth and love.
Looking: for comfort in distance and being different
Playing: catch up with my family after being away for so long.
Wasting: no time at all – every moment counts!
Sewing: Um, negative.
Wishing: for world peace . . . in the most un-miss-universe-pageant way!
Enjoying: the cool evenings and the sun setting over Table Mountain.
Waiting: impatiently for that day, that moment, that second I see Adam standing waiting for me
Liking: positivity
Loving: time, it’s priceless.
Hoping: for continuous success
Marveling: at the incredible culture and breathtaking scenery South Africa has to offer.
Needing: A day on the slopes with nothing but me and my board.
Smelling: the heat of summer . . . much to my dismay
Wearing: my black skinnies till they give up on me
Following: Hmmmm – blogs that only make me smile and are far removed from media frenzy rumors
Noticing: how lucky I am everyday
Knowing: love and that distance does make the heart grow fonder
Thinking: of how I can change the world 
Feeling: exhausted but determined
Bookmarking: new beautiful inspirational blogs
Opening: too many protein bars!
Giggling: at myself, I’m quite silly