Monday, February 3, 2014

SOLACE in a mature life

There’s a constant buzz of activities during the summer in Cape Town, especially for the mini socialites. Events which bring them all together to compete, showcase, and spend obnoxious amounts of money.
And while driving home from work on Friday, with the sun setting in the horizon sending orange beams on the vineyard’s and the grazing cattle in the hills, I realized that whilst so many were preparing for one the biggest events of the year, I was more than content to be  spending the evening ensuring I was prepared for my 3 hour spin-athon the following morning. I chuckled at the thought that years ago I would’ve been planning my outfit for months, pulling together the must be seen with crowd and ensuring everyone knew I would be attending. Not shallow or anything, never!

How life has changed so. We grow and with it we find solace in the fact that we have evolved, found value in meaningful components and moments. That a life living up to others expectations seems so far removed and now, could not be bothered with. But then I see many my age still enthralled by it all. Living the plastic dream for others to take advantage of. I proud myself in changing my ways and living far from that once world I played in.   

Or perhaps I truly am just getting old. 

Nah, just wiser.