Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Potatoes and MEMORIES

I love when stories come to life. When you see someone come alive as they recall a memory, share a great memoir. When it seems you or they have been transported right back in time to that very moment. Personally, it seems a privilege to share our own personal adventures and in turn, remember how beautiful life can be. Today, a conversation pertaining to potatoes (and vodka, naturally) sparked some fun moment sharing and thinking.  Thinking of magnificent memories, waiting to surface and come to life again. Reflecting on how fortunate life and my road in it has been

I recall the day my dear friend and I snuck into his mums convertible and drove down to Clifton Beach on a gorgeous Sunday – the top down and his wheelchair sticking out the back. We had cocktails at a  hip restaurant nestled on the rocks and Italian ice-creams by the point.  Watching the tourist, giggling at them, and wondering what my overseas journey ahead would bring.

Or that time after a fresh snowfall where I took the kiddos (the 3 I au-paired for) to the large field off the bike path. We walked under the arched trees with the snow reflecting diamonds from the sun sweeping through the branches. The soccer field pure white with no sign of human touch till we all lay in the fresh fall making snow angles. Looking up at the sky with enormous playful grins and having a small hand wrapping little fingers in mine. It was a perfect day, a perfect moment with 3 people I loved so much and still do.

These moments of our time, making it ours, making it one great story.