Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here it is . . . 2014

There is something quite rejuvenating and nerdy about my yearly ritual of purchasing a new daily planner, writing in the birthdays & special dates on the fresh pages, and the memories with reflections it brings with it. Having the opportunity to take in the past year and see the moments on paper. This year it was quite terrifying. In many ways I'm dazzled my the immense growth and lessons I've learned but disheartened by the events, especially those which were ultimately out of my control.  Having a "holy smokes, how the hell did I get through it all" moment where an enormous rush of realization disposes itself and it's overwhelming, overpowering. It's been a year of great loss but incredible gain.

But here I am. Here we all are. In a new year hoping for this fresh start and odd motivation of new beginnings. Not much really changes yet we see this tradition as this great change. But then I like it. This crisp raw beginning. I've never wished a year away, but I am relieved 2013 is over and cannot wait for what's ahead in 2014. And though I don't make new years resolutions, I enjoy the goals I set for myself and watching myself achieve them through the year. Even more so, watching those around me do the same.

For 2014, I hope to learn a new language, dive even deeper into my career and the opportunities it's already brought my way, and continue to be comfortable in my own being. But more importantly, find the gap to allow me to return home. I start with a new apartment and space to be my own again, even for only a brief time.

Let's make this a special year. A year we take adventures, laugh more with loved ones, and discover more about ourselves, others, and the beautiful world we love in.

Happy 2014!