Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Getting Over It All

As I mentioned in my Here it is 2014 post, there were so many factors I faced over 2013 which I could not control. Things, logistics, friends, family . . . we can control what and who we surround ourselves with, but only to a point. 

And as a self proclaimed OCD-perfectionist- control-workaholic freak I find these intractable factors are a large part of the mild anxiety I experience. Though I'm coming to terms with it, it provokes disappointment and immense annoyance in myself for "having" it. I can't control it and I get it due to things I cannot control. And when I look at it put that way, I begin to realize that if I let go a little, perhaps things don't have to be so darn complicated.

That letting go of the small silly stuff | baggage | concerns may not be as insignificant as they seem. They can be liberating and take an entire world of weight off our shoulders. 

When my dad came to visit me in the USA when I graduated, I learned a great deal about letting go. In particular, I was so structured in my ways and habits that it almost consumed me. It ruled my comings and goings. From there onward I promised myself I'd be more spontaneous, flexible, and adjusting. It worked wonders and I found an enormous gap in my life being filled. I know all too well I've got to apply this to so much more in my life. 

It's happening slowly but surely . . . I'm discovering so much more each day and every opportunity I have to just go with the ebb and flow, with my own flair of course!